Lotteria is a chain of fast-food restaurants similar to McDonald's, and now with branches in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. It takes its name from its parent company, Lotte. Lotteria opened its first shop in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan in September 1972.


The company first established itself on February 1972 in Tokyo, Japan. After that, the company was established in South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. The first restaurant in South Korea opened in Seoul in 1979, and currently Lotteria in South Korea is more popular than in Japan.

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Lotteria is considered to be a follower of McDonald's. Both sell similar burgers, such as hamburgers, cheese burgers, teriyaki burgers, and so on. Shrimp burger is popular and is an original burger of Lotteria, first made in 1977.

Lotteria in Japan restructured its management in 2005.

outh Korea

Lotteria is the number one fast food restaurant surpassing McDonald's in part by introducing lines of Koreanized fast foods including its now signature kimchi burger, and strikes most initial visitors as a Korean version of most Western-style fast food restaurants with some local additions. Its menu includes typical fast food items such as burgers, fried chicken, chicken wings, chicken fingers, iced coffee, baked potatoes, yogurt, salads, cheese sticks, but also includes teriyaki, squid rings, and a shaved iced dessert called pat bing soo.

Lotteria offers 14 different kinds of burgers for sale: Chun-Cheon Chicken Rib Burger, Cheong-Yang Chilly Pepper Burger, European Frico Cheese Burger, Paprika Bacon Beef Burger, Kimchi Burger, Korean Beef Bulgogi Burger, Burning Squid Burger, Shrimp Burger, Bulgalbi Burger, Bulgogi Burger, Chicken Burger, Cheese Burger, Rib Sandwich, and Teriyaki Burger.

Most burger, fries and soda combinations (know as "sets" or "set-uh") cost around 4000 won (approximately $4), with several going for under 4000 won.

Recycling in South Korea

The South Korean government requires a small 50 to 100 Won deposit to be levied against all disposable cups used to hold products sold in restaurants to ensure that they are returned to a recycling venue. As such, products (such as drinks and ice cream) to be consumed in the store are served in reusable plastic containers. Or if a customer purchases their product in a disposable cup and pays the deposit, they can have their deposit refunded if they return the empty cup to the counter staff.

The Seoul city government (and increasingly other regional governments have started implementing) requires mandatory garbage sorting with food, recyclables, and general trash to be sorted. So rather than a single garbage bin, a number of specialized receptacles exist (liquids, paper, uneaten food, plastic, and general waste) at all Lotteria restaurants.

In addition to the above mandatory requirements, Lotteria also charges a token fee of 50 to 100 Won on bags as is the norm for most western-style stores and other shopping venues in South Korea.

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