Mullayanagiri Peak
Elevation 1,930 m (6,332 ft)
Translation ಮುಳ್ಳಯ್ಯನಗಿರಿ (Kannada)
Mullayanagiri is located in Karnataka
Location of Mullayyanagiri, Karnataka
Location Chikmagalur, Karnataka, India
Range Baba Budan Giri Range
Coordinates 13°23′27.5″N 75°43′17″E / 13.390972°N 75.72139°E / 13.390972; 75.72139Coordinates: 13°23′27.5″N 75°43′17″E / 13.390972°N 75.72139°E / 13.390972; 75.72139

Mullayanagiri (Kannada: ಮುಳ್ಳಯ್ಯನಗಿರಿ) (also spelt Mullayangiri or Mullainagiri), is the highest peak in Karnataka, India. Mullayanagiri is located at 13°23′26″N 75°43′18″E / 13.39056°N 75.72167°E / 13.39056; 75.72167 in the Baba Budan Giri Range of the Western Ghats. With a height of 1,930 metres (6,330 ft), it is the highest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris after chembra peak (2100 m),banaura peak(2073m),and vellari mala(2339m) of wayanad district of kerala.

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