Palladius (disambiguation)

Palladius (disambiguation)

Palladius is the name of:
*Palladius (flourished 408-431; died ca. 457/461) was the first Bishop of the Christians of Ireland, preceding Saint Patrick
*Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus Palladius, 4th century Roman agricultural writer
*Palladius of Antioch, a 4th century Christian saint
*St. Palladius of Embrun (Pallade, Pélade, Patllari), bishop of Embrun
*Palladius of Ratiaria, late 4th century Arian Christian theologian.
*Palladius of Galatia also known as Palladius Helenopolitanus, the author of "Historia Lausiaca"
*Palladius (prefect), prefect of Alexandria in 373
*Palladius Iatrosophista ca. 5th century AD. Author of 2 books of commentaries on Hippocrates and a short treatise on fevers (chiefly after Galen). Believed to have been a professor of medicine at Alexandria.


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