Advantage Energy Income Fund

Advantage Energy Income Fund

company_name = Advantage Energy Income Fund
company_type = Public (tsx|AVN.UN)
company_slogan =
foundation = Calgary, Alberta (2001)
location = Calgary, Alberta
key_people = Andy J. Mah, President & COO, Kelly Drader, CEO
industry = Oil and natural gas
products = Oil and natural gas; royalty trust
num_employees = 111 (2008)cite web |url= |title=Company Profile for Advantage Energy Income Fund (AAV) |accessdate=2008-10-06]
revenue = increase542 million USD (2007)
homepage = []

Advantage Energy Income Fund (tsx|AVN.UN, nyse|AAV) is a Canadian oil and gas royalty trust based in Calgary, Alberta. The fund owns and operates numerous properties located in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, producing the equivalent of 35,000 barrels of oil per day in late 2007. [ [ Production information of the Advantage Energy Income Fund] ]

In May 2006, the Fund merged with another Calgary-based oil and gas trust, Ketch Resources.

The Fund claims its reserves to have a lifetime of 11.8 years at the current production rate, although it actively seeks to acquire new properties. In 2007, 65% of its production was natural gas, and 35% light oils and NGLs. [ [ Operations of the Advantage Energy Income Fund] ]


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