Soth Polin

Soth Polin

Soth Polin (born in 1943, Kompong Cham, Cambodia) is a Khmer writer. His first novel, "A Meaningless Life", was published in 1964. He also founded the "Nokor Thom" (Great Nation) newspaper, which was published from the late 1960's until 1974. Polin moved to France in 1974 and later to the United States.

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* [ Tomoko Okada, "Modern Short Stories", Cambodian Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies] - introduces 4 writers included in a Japanese publication "Modern Cambodian Short Stories" (The Daido Life Foundation, 2001)
* [ Thomas Beller, "The debris of the visible", Cambodia Daily, Aug 26, 2006] - review of Stewart and May (ed.) "In the Shadow of Angkor: Contemporary Writing From Cambodia", University of Hawaii Press (2004), ISBN 0824828496 which includes Soth Polin's 1969 short story "Communicate, They Said" and an interview with him
* [ "An Interview with Soth Polin"] by Sharon May

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