Equipment codes

Equipment codes

An equipment code describes the transponder and/or navigation capability of aircraft. The equipment code is usually designated as a one-character suffix to the aircraft type in block 3 of the FAA flight plan form. Air traffic controllers (ATC) issue clearances based on filed suffixes, therefore it is important for pilots to use the appropriate suffix. For example, if a desired route requires GPS, then the pilot should file /G, even if the aircraft also qualifies for other suffixes. Pilots are recommended to file the maximum capability of their aircraft in the equipment suffix.

List of Aircraft Equipment Codes


* /X No transponder
* /T Transponder with no Mode C
* /U Transponder with Mode C


* /D No transponder
* /B Transponder with no Mode C
* /A Transponder with Mode C


* /M No transponder
* /N Transponder with no Mode C

* /P Transponder with Mode C


* /Y LORAN, VOR/DME, or INS with no transponder
* /C LORAN, VOR/DME, or INS, transponder with no Mode C
* /I LORAN, VOR/DME, or INS, transponder with Mode C


* /E Flight Management System (FMS) with DME/DME and IRU position updating
* /F FMS with DME/DME position updating
* /G Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), including GPS or Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS), with en route and terminal capability.
* /R Required Navigational Performance (RNP). The aircraft meets the RNP type prescribed for the route segment(s), route(s) and/or area concerned.

RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum)

* /J RVSM + /E
* /K RVSM + /F
* /L RVSM + /G
* /Q RVSM + /R


* [ Airman's Information Manual, Chapter 5, section 1] .

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