Fortune teller (disambiguation)

Fortune teller (disambiguation)

A fortune teller is someone who practices fortune-telling, but the term may also refer to:

Fine arts

*"The Fortune Teller", an operetta with music by Victor Herbert
*"The Fortune Teller", a painting by Caravaggio
*"The Fortune Teller", a painting by Georges de La Tour

Popular culture

*"Fortune Teller (song)", a 1962 song written by Allen Toussaint under the pseudonym Naomi Neville covered by The Rolling Stones and many others
*"Fortune Teller", a song by Deep Purple from their 1990 album "Slaves & Masters"
*"Fortune Teller", a song by Sugar from their 1992 album "Copper Blue"
*"Fortune Teller", a skit by the The Vestibules comedy troupe from their 1995 album "Sketches Songs and Shoes"
*"Fortune Teller", a song by Ash from their 1998 album "Nu-Clear Sounds"
*"Fortune Teller", a song by Boney M
*"Fortune Teller", 4th studio album of Ira Losco (2008)
*"The Fortuneteller", an episode from the animated TV series
*Cootie catcher, an origami that is also called a "fortune teller".

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