SLAM or slam may refer to:

In weaponry:
* Supersonic Low Altitude Missile, a cancelled U.S. Air Force project
* Standoff Land Attack Missile, an over-the-horizon, all-weather cruise missile
* Selectable Light-weight Attack Munition, a small United States multi-purpose landmine

In music:
* Slam (band), a producer/DJ duo from Glasgow
* "Slam", an album by Suburban Studs
* "Slam", an album by Joe Lynn Turner
* "Slam", a song by Onyx from "Bacdafucup"
* "Slam", a song by Bow Wow
* "Slam", a song by Pendulum
* Slam death metal, a sub-genre of brutal death metal

In novels:
* "Slam" (novel), a novel by Nick Hornby
* "Slam", a novel by Walter Dean Myers about a high school basketball star from Harlem
* "Slam", a novel by Lewis Shiner

In computer science:
* Simultaneous localization and mapping, a technique used by robots and autonomous vehicles
* SLAM project, a Microsoft Research project
* Simulation Language for Analogue Modelling, a simulation language based on Fortran
* Simulation Language for Alternative Modeling, a simulation language based on GASP

In other uses:
* "Slam" (film), a 1998 film starring Saul Williams and Beau Sia
* "SLAM Magazine", a basketball publication
* Signaling lymphocytic activation molecule, a family of genes
* Simultaneous localization and mapping, a concept in robotic and autonomous navigation
* South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, a group of hospitals
* Slam, a bonus score in contract bridge
* Slam! Sports, a section of "Canadian Online Explorer"

ee also

* Body slam
* Poetry slam
* Slam dunk

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