1985 BDO World Darts Championship

1985 BDO World Darts Championship

The 1985 Embassy World Darts Championship was the 8th World Professional Championships. The tournament was held between January 5 and 12 January. It was the last time the tournament was held at Jollees Cabaret Club in Stoke on Trent as the venue would close for good after the championship. The tournament organisers, the British Darts Organisation decided to move the event to the Lakeside Country Club in Frimley Green, Surrey from 1986.

Eric Bristow won his 4th World Title, extending his own record for victories. It was also his second successive win. John Lowe suffered defeat in the final for the fourth time, failing to add to his only previous title - won in 1979.

Keith Deller, champion two years previously, set a new record for becoming the first player to average over 100 with his 3 darts during a match at the World Championship. His average of 100.29 was not enough to win his quarter-final against John Lowe who averaged 97.83.

Bristow almost matched this record in his semi-final victory over Dave Whitcombe. Bristow fell just short of the magic ton, with an average of 99.66.

Prize Money

Total Prize fund was £43,000 (plus a £51,000 bonus for a nine-dart finish - not won)
* Champion £10,000
* Runner-up £5,000
* Semi-finalists £2,500
* Quarter-finalists £1,500
* 2nd round losers £1,000
* 1st round losers £500
* Highest checkout £1,000

The Results

World Snooker Championship Rounds
|flagicon|Belgium Willy Logie|2|flagicon|Canada Bob Sinnaeve|1
|flagicon|England Eric Bristow|2|flagicon|England Ken Summers|1
|flagicon|England Alan Glazier|2|flagicon|United States Jerry Umberger|0
|flagicon|Northern Ireland Steve Brennan|2|flagicon|Wales Ceri Morgan|1
|flagicon|England Bob Anderson|2|flagicon|Finland Arto Lintunen|1
|flagicon|England Dave Whitcombe|2|flagicon|Canada Alex Mackinnon|0
|flagicon|Australia Russell Stewart|2|flagicon|Wales Leighton Rees|1
|flagicon|Scotland Jocky Wilson|2|flagicon|Scotland Peter Masson|0
|flagicon|England John Cosnett|2|flagicon|England Rab Scott|0
|flagicon|England John Lowe|2|flagicon|Australia Terry O'Dea|1
|flagicon|England Keith Deller|2|flagicon|United States Nicky Virachkul|0
|flagicon|Belgium Luc Marreel|2|flagicon|England Dave Lee|1
|flagicon|Sweden Stefan Lord|2|flagicon|Finland Tapani Uitos|1
|flagicon|England Cliff Lazarenko|2|flagicon|Singapore Paul Lim|0
|flagicon|Northern Ireland Fred McMullan|2|flagicon|Wales Peter Locke|0
|flagicon|England Bobby George|2|flagicon|England Mike Gregory|1
|flagicon|England Eric Bristow|3|flagicon|Belgium Willy Logie|0
|flagicon|England Alan Glazier|3|flagicon|Northern Ireland Steve Brennan|2
|flagicon|England Dave Whitcombe|3|flagicon|England Bob Anderson|1
|flagicon|Scotland Jocky Wilson|3|flagicon|Australia Russell Stewart|1
|flagicon|England John Lowe|3|flagicon|England John Cosnett|0
|flagicon|England Keith Deller|3|flagicon|Belgium Luc Marreel|0
|flagicon|England Cliff Lazarenko|3|flagicon|Sweden Stefan Lord|0
|flagicon|Northern Ireland Fred McMullan|3|flagicon|England Bobby George|1
|flagicon|England Eric Bristow|4|flagicon|England Alan Glazier|0
|flagicon|England Dave Whitcombe|4|flagicon|Scotland Jocky Wilson|3
|flagicon|England John Lowe|4|flagicon|England Keith Deller|2
|flagicon|England Cliff Lazarenko|4|flagicon|Northern Ireland Fred McMullan|0
|flagicon|England Eric Bristow|5|flagicon|England Dave Whitcombe|2
|flagicon|England John Lowe|5|flagicon|England Cliff Lazarenko|3
("Best of 11 sets") Jollees Cabaret Club, Stoke on Trent, 12 January 1985).
flagicon|England Eric Bristow
John Lowe flagicon|England
Scores to fill |
Scores to fill
flagicon|England Eric Bristow wins the 1985 Embassy World Darts Championship
"Best of 3 sets"
"Best of 5 sets"
"Best of 7 sets"
"Best of 9 sets"

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