In biology the word "autogenesis" has been used to describe two similar concepts:
* Abiogenesis - the origin of life, as used by Aristotle and in modern theory. [Csanyi V, Kampis G., J Theor Biol. 1985 May 21;114(2):303-21. "Autogenesis: the evolution of replicative systems." PMID 4033156]
* Orthogenesis - a discredited evolutionary idea that hypothesised a directed 'teleological' form of evolution.

Autogenesis may also have been used to mean a combination of the two, a purposeful, directed or 'special creation' abiogenesis event, the product of which undergoes orthogenesis.

The word was used in gnostic texts such as "The Secret Book of John". There it was an honorary title given to the logos, Jesus the Christ.

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