Eugenia Loli-Queru

Eugenia Loli-Queru

Eugenia Loli-Queru was born in 1973 in Athens, Greece. After living in Germany and the U.K. she has currently settled in California. She has a degree in programming and system analysis. During her time in the UK she worked as a web developer and as a user interface designer.


Eugenia Loli-Queru was involved in the now defunct BeNews was the flagship BeOS news site for many years. On December 31st, 2001, several months after Be Inc. decided to cease development of their flagship product BeOS and concentrated on finding new investment or a buyer for the ailing company, Eugenia (as well as most of the staff) resigned from BeNews after a series of server failures caused the site to be down for weeks at a time.

In August 2001, Loli-Queru took over the post of head editor and site administrator at technology news site OSNews. At the time the site was all but inactive. As editor-in-chief, Eugenia saw OSnews grow from an average of 700 page views a day to over two million. Eugenia resigned from her editor-in-chief position in June 2005. She has now taken on a more passive role as senior editor and contributes only occasionally.

Eugenia also had her own 2-page column in the European print magazine "Linux+" until September 2005, when she resigned as part of a decision to scale down most of her technology related activities. She also used to write a monthly tech column for the Greek "ZDNet PC Magazine".


Loli-Queru patched and recompiled over eighty games to run on BeOS before its demise. Many of these games were SDL or Allegro based.

After her arrival at OSNews, one of her first tasks was to rewrite the site's main engine using PHP and MySQL. The updated OSNews version (now dubbed Version 2) was ready in less than 3 days, the stress of this resulted in her being hospitalised. The site redesign was well received upon launch.Fact|date=February 2007

In 2003 Loli-Queru developed a mobile-browser auto-detection engine, which now autodetects over 150 mobile browsers and configurations, including embedded and text-mode browsers. The engine automatically serves lighter, ad-free cHTML pages of differing complexity dependent on the information gathered by the detection system. OSNews was the first site to use the engine.

The engine has since given OSNews the impressive status of becoming a common test and demonstration site for many companies developing mobile browsers. These companies include Openwave and Opera - though it must be noted that Jean-Baptiste Queru, Eugenia's husband, worked for Openwave as a browser architect (currently works on Google's Android platform). This autodetection mobile-browser engine is now the basis of a business named MoBits, the first mobile-only design house in USA.

Eugenia also founded GnomeFiles in 2004, a software repository for the Gtk+ graphical toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment.


Eugenia is currently focused on video editing, and color grading in particular. She is an active member of the HV20 community.

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