Alfano (Archbishop of Capua)

Alfano (Archbishop of Capua)

Alfano or Alfanus (died before March 1183) was the archbishop of Capua from 1158 to his death. He was very close to Pope Alexander III.

In 1163, the pope wrote to Alfano denouncing a plot against the king, William I of Sicily. Alfano informed the king by means of his nephew, Florio di Camerota, justiciar of the principality of Salerno.

On 1 March 1174, the pope confirmed the metropolitan status of Capua over its suffragan sees in the Campania: Aquino, Caiazzo, Calvi, Carinola, Caserta, Isernia, Sessa, Teano, and Venafro.

In Autumn 1176, Alfano accompanied Richard Palmer and Robert, Count of Caserta, to Saint Gilles to take over the custody of Joan, daughter of Henry II of England, who was betrothed to William II. He was present at the wedding in Palermo on 18 February 1177.

It is not known when Alfano died, but his successor, Matthew, is attested on 13 March 1183.


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