Persillade ( IPA|/pɛrsi'jad/) is the culinary term for a chopped mixture of garlic and parsley, usually in equal parts by volume. The root of the word is persil, the French word for parsley. Simple to make, but a common ingredient in many dishes, it is often included in a sauté cook's mise en place. It can be added early in a dish for a mellow flavor, added at the very end of the cooking to provide a garlicky jolt, or even used raw as a garnish.

A classic French bistro dish is Pommes Persillade, basically cubed potatoes fried in small amount of oil, with persillade added at the end of the cooking. [ [ The Food Section. "Parsley Plus Garlic Equals Persillade." Josh Friedland] ] New Orleans chef Austin Leslie's signature dish was Fried Chicken with Persillade--basically fried chicken with the garlic and parsley mixture added as a garnish [ [ NOAL Cuisine. "Great Chefs of New Orleans: Austin Leslie"] ]


The simplicity of the basic combination invites variations, either by adding other ingredients or substituting other herbs, e.g. basil or tarragon for the parsley. Combined with bread crumbs, it is used as crust for roasted veal or lamb chops. The addition of lemon zest creates gremolata, a traditional garnish for braised lamb shanks. Anchovy is a common addition in Provençal cooking. [ [ Olive Tree. "Tomatoes Provençal and Anchovy Persillade."] ] A small amount of olive oil is often added to persillade to make it easier to work with. Adding more olive oil and perhaps some grated Parmesan produces Pistou.


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* Pistou
* Pesto

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