Diplomatic missions of Belarus

Diplomatic missions of Belarus

Belarus has been the most eager nation of the former USSR to integrate more closely and to re-engage with former Soviet states, and this is reflected in the location of its missions. Oddly, the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls the equivalent of its consulates in Russia "divisions".


** Vienna (Embassy)
** Brussels (Embassy)
** Sofia (Embassy)
*Flag|Czech Republic
** Prague (Embassy)
** Tallinn (Consulate General)
** Paris (Embassy)
** Berlin (Embassy)
** Bonn (Branch office)
** Budapest (Embassy)
** Rome (Embassy)
** Riga (Embassy)
** Daugavpils (Consulate)
** Vilnius (Embassy)
** Chişinău (Embassy)
** The Hague (Embassy)
** Warsaw (Embassy)
** Białystok (Consulate-General)
** Gdańsk (Consulate-General)
** Biała Podlaska (Consulate)
** Moscow (Embassy)
** Bucharest (Embassy)
** Belgrade (Embassy)
** Bratislava (Embassy)
** Stockholm (Embassy)
** Bern (Embassy)
** Kiev (Embassy)
*Flag|United Kingdom
** London (Embassy)

North America

** Ottawa (Embassy)
** Havana (Embassy)
*Flag|United States
** Washington, DC (Embassy)
** New York (Consulate-General)

outh America

** Buenos Aires (Embassy)
** Brasilia (Embassy)
** Caracas (Embassy)


** Cairo (Embassy)
** Tripoli (Embassy)
*Flag|South Africa
** Pretoria (Embassy)


** Yerevan (Embassy)
** Beijing (Embassy)
** New Delhi (Embassy)
** Tehran (Embassy)
** Tel Aviv (Embassy)
** Tokyo (Embassy)
** Astana (Embassy)
*Flag|Republic of Korea
** Seoul (Embassy)
** Bishkek (Embassy)
** Damascus (Embassy)
** Ankara (Embassy)
** Ashgabad (Embassy)
*Flag|United Arab Emirates
** Abu Dhabi (Embassy)
** Tashkent (Embassy)
** Hanoi (Embassy)

Multilateral Organisations

** Brussels (delegation to the European Union and NATO)
** Geneva (delegation to the United Nations and other international bodies)
** New York (delegation to the United Nations)
** Paris (delegation to UNESCO)
** Strasbourg (delegation to the European Union)
** Vienna (delegation to the OSCE)

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Foreign relations of Belarus


* [http://www.mfa.gov.by/en/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus]

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