name = "Antennaria"

image_width = 240px
image_caption = "Antennaria dioica"
regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Magnoliopsida
ordo = Asterales
familia = Asteraceae
tribus = Gnaphalieae
genus = "Antennaria"
genus_authority = Gaertn.
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = See text

"Antennaria" is a genus of about 45 species of herbaceous perennial plants in the family Asteraceae, native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, with one species ("A. chilensis") in temperate southern South America; the highest species diversity is in North America. Common names include catsfoot or cat's-foot, pussytoes and everlasting.

Different "Antennaria" species reach between 10 cm and 50 cm in height. The leaves are basal and often stem leaves. The name "Antennaria" refers to the projecting stamens seen on the flowers of some species, resembling insect antennae.

"Antennaria" species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including "Coleophora pappiferella" (which feeds exclusively on "A. dioica") and "Schinia verna" (which feeds exclusively on "Antennaria spp").

;Selected species
*"Antennaria alpina" (L.) Gaertn. – Alpine Catsfoot
*"Antennaria anaphaloides" Rydb. – Pearly Pussytoes
*"Antennaria arcuata" Cronq. – Box Pussytoes
*"Antennaria argentea" Benth. – Silver Pussytoes
*"Antennaria aromatica" Evert – Scented Pussytoes
*"Antennaria boecheriana" A.E.Porsild – Boecher's Catsfoot
*"Antennaria carpatica" (Wahlenb.) Bluff & Fingerh. – Carpathian Catsfoot
*"Antennaria caucasica" Boriss. – Caucasian Catsfoot
*"Antennaria chilensis" Remy – Chilean Catsfoot
*"Antennaria corymbosa" E. Nels. – Flat-top Pussytoes
*"Antennaria densifolia" Porsild – Denseleaf Pussytoes
*"Antennaria dimorpha" (Nutt.) Torr. & Gray – Low Pussytoes
*"Antennaria dioica" (L.) Gaertn. – Mountain Everlasting
*"Antennaria eucosma" Fern. & Wieg. – Newfoundland Pussytoes
*"Antennaria flagellaris" (Gray) Gray – Whip Pussytoes
*"Antennaria friesiana" (Trautv.) Ekman – Fries' Pussytoes
*"Antennaria geyeri" Gray – Pinewoods Pussytoes
*"Antennaria howellii" Greene (syn. "A. canadensis") – Howell's Pussytoes
*"Antennaria lanata" (Hook.) Greene – Woolly Pussytoes
*"Antennaria luzuloides" Torr. & Gray – Rush Pussytoes
*"Antennaria marginata" Greene – Whitemargin Pussytoes
*"Antennaria media" Greene – Rocky Mountain Pussytoes
*"Antennaria microphylla" Rydb. – Littleleaf Pussytoes
*"Antennaria monocephala" DC. – Pygmy Pussytoes
*"Antennaria neglecta" Greene – Field Pussytoes
*"Antennaria nordhageniana" Rune & Rönning
*"Antennaria parlinii" Fern. – Parlin's Pussytoes
*"Antennaria parvifolia" Nutt. – Small-leaf Pussytoes
*"Antennaria plantaginifolia" (L.) Richards. – Plantainleaf Pussytoes
*"Antennaria porsildii" E.Ekman
*"Antennaria pulchella" Greene – Sierra Pussytoes
*"Antennaria pulcherrima" (Hook.) Greene – Showy Pussytoes
*"Antennaria racemosa" Hook. – Raceme Pussytoes
*"Antennaria rosea" Greene – Rosy Pussytoes
*"Antennaria rosulata" Rydb. – Kaibab Pussytoes
*"Antennaria soliceps" Blake – Charleston Mountain pussytoes
*"Antennaria solitaria" Rydb. – Singlehead Pussytoes
*"Antennaria stenophylla" (A.Gray) A.Gray – Narrowleaf Pussytoes
*"Antennaria suffrutescens" Greene – Evergreen Everlasting
*"Antennaria umbrinella" Rydb. – Umber Pussytoes
*"Antennaria villifera" Boriss.
*"Antennaria virginica" Stebbins – Shale Barren Pussytoes

*"Antennaria × erigeroides" Greene (pro sp.)
*"Antennaria × foliacea" Greene (pro sp.)
*"Antennaria × macounii" Greene (pro sp.)
*"Antennaria × oblancifolia" E.Nels. (pro sp.)

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