Wahrer Empire

Wahrer Empire

The Wahrer Empire is the name of an evil empire in Jikuu Senshi Spielban. The Wahrer's insert theme was performed by the group Dr. JOE.


An empire that from their winged-turtle-like mobile fortress, the Kamedeath, searched for water throughout the universe to sustain the life of its (nonexistent) deity, Wahrer. Kamedeath is sometimes named the Wahrer Castle.


* Queen Pandora: Supposedly receiving orders from the deity Wahrer, she in turn orders the heads of the three armies. Actually, she is the true leader of the Empire, creating the concept of Wahrer to keep her true position a secret. During the finale (Episodes #43-44), she splits into two creatures named Pandora Battle Machine Woman and Pandora Lifeform in order to fight the heroes herself. The two Pandoras then merged together into the more powerful form named Pandora Life Machine Woman which Spielban, Helen, and Diana did not find easy to defeat. Doctor Ben appeared and injected Pandora with a virus, weakening her long enough for Spielban to destroy her. The Kamedeath crumbled and blew up soon afterwards.

* Emperor Guillotine (24-43): He claims to be a descendant of Wahrer, which therefore makes him a distant relative of Pandora. He was summoned from the 23rd century, from the life of a street beggar, to help Pandora in the present. Though he treats his followers and allies as somewhat disposable, he remains eternally loyal to his Queen. Guillotine has a talking pet hamster for a pet, which is later left to Pandora after he is destroyed. He dislikes Youki from the start, sensing that this new general will betray them. Guillotine is dressed similarly to a rebel biker. He fell into a dimensional rift during a battle with Spielban, yet returned as a ghost. As a ghostly form, he invaded the Gran Nazca and attempted to torture Helen. In this form, his right arm had been replaced by a small, living, snake-like monster, which he could launch at the heroes. He was eventually defeated for good by Spielban, with the help of the Gran Nazca's energy.

* General Deathzero (1-42): Leader of Wahrer's Battle MachineMen, a black-armored android who is programmed with a knowledge of all tactics. He drives his Skulldon tank in battle. He can transform into the Deathzero Torpedo, a black headed missile that was launched from a catapult. He transforms into this form twice during the series (Episodes #24 and #42), which coincidentally were the only two times he battled Spielban himself. In Episode 41, it is strongly hinted that Deathzero was attracted to Diana. In Episode 42, he challenged Spielban to a second battle (both inside and outside of his tank), now having become/been promoted to Super General powered up with a 10,000 volt cylinder given to him by Pandora. He is destroyed by Spielban soon afterwards, with Spielban using his infamous finishing attack. After the destructive battle, only Deathzero's cylinder remained. Deathzero was named "Deslock" in Brazil.

* Doctor Bio(1-43) : Formerly Spielban's father, Doctor Ben. Because of his great skills in biology, was captured by the Wahrer Empire and converted into the leader of Wahrer's Bio Army. He creates Biohumans and Battle Lifeforms with Lifeform Modification Surgery. He was also protective of Helen and constantly watched over her like a father would. Bio could unleash vine-like appendages from his arms. He also wielded a giant sword in battle. In his first and only battle against Spielban (Episode #21) he mutated and ended up in a Bioroid monster form, Bioroid Bio. Bioroid Bio's abilities included transforming into plantlife and slime as well as summoning small bee-like creatures and tentacles from his body. In this battle, Helen tried to protect/prevent him from fighting his son/Spielban, before she was forcibly transformed into Hellvira to fight. Pandora had set up an explosive trap to kill Bio, Helen, Diana, and Spielban all at once; unfortunately for her, all four of them survived. Bio used his slime morphing ability to pull his daughter and himself to safety. After surviving the battle, Bio took the form of a floating brain with eyeballs and a spinal chord, which he remained in until Episode 43. (Episode #30) Dr. Bio broke Helen's remote control and was attacked by Deathzero, under Pandora's orders. Afterwards, Pandora took away his privelege of moving around freely and imprisoned him a water-filled tube. (Episode #43) He was returned back in his Dr. Bio form, with Pandora's efforts, yet was returned to his original human and/or Doctor Ben self at the end of the episode, via the energy of the Kamedeath. During the finale, he was killed by Pandora when she was battling the heroes and he intervened to help them destroy her. Doctor Ben was "restored to life" in the alternate future timeline in which the Wahrer Empire never existed.

* Rikki (1-36): Leader of Wahrer's all-female Spy Army. At one point she tricks the owner of the Edison shop, Daigorou Koyama, into building a prototype for a Battle Machine Man. She often comes up with the cruel plans for the Wahrer, but is not one for combat.(Episode #36) After she interfered with Youki's plan, Pandora angrily turned her into a stone statue/throne for Youki.

* Shadow & Gasher (1-25): Rikki's aides. They assist Rikki in almost every evil scheme she creates and employs against Spielban and the other heroes. (Episode #25) Spielban managed to destroy them both with a single strike of his sword, when they tried to attack him during a vulnerable time, per Guillotine's orders. Unfortunately for them, he gained a second wind, which he used to destroy them both.

* Youki (35-39): A new Wahrer officer/androgynic entity created from the evil hearts of men and by the Wahrer deity's power. He gathered key members of Japanese society and brainwashed them into joining his own secret society, 'Mumumu.' He often used these brainwashed members to attack and terrorize the city. Youki can appear and disappear at will as well as blast lasers from his mouth in battle, which he first demonstrates in a fight against Spielban, in Episode 36. Both Guillotine and Rikki sensed that Youki would one day try to take over the Wahrer Empire. In Episode #39, he sought to take control of the Kamedeath and rebelled against the Wahrer, by creating the Youki Battle Machine Man out of the robotic scrap aboard Kamedeath in the process. He was then counter attacked by Deathzero and the Kinclons, alongside his equally attacked robot. Deathzero summoned the New Battle Machine Man named Vacuumer and sucked up all of Youki's power along with his creation by using its' powerful fan blades. Afterwards, Pandora blasted Youki with her staff, destroying this traitor in the process. Youki's lifeless body was placed in a coffin, which was then sent into unknown depths. Youki was named "Fantasman" in Brazil.

* Kinclons: Wahrer's mass-produced Battle Machine Soldiers, garbed in black tights with gold stripes, smiling gold masks with red eye slits, and black and gold capes. Some Kinclons attack with capes, some by kicking their detonating heads at Spielban,and some are equipped with blades on their hands. In Episode #4, there was also one with a robotic head which was revealed upon being struck by Spielban's Twin Saber. This one seemed stronger than the normal Kinclons, but was destroyed by Spielban just the same.

Wahrer Empire Monsters

Battle Machine Men

These are the Machine Men monsters that are commanded by General Deathzero.

* MechaShoulder (1): After a hard battle with Deathzero's tanks, the Wahrer unleashed a spider-looking robot with massive shoulders who was equipped with hidden weapons named MechaShoulder. MechaShoulder's head could flip open to reveal a weapon apparatus that dischaged electrical lasers. During the battle, Spielban managed to blast off the robot's arms, but the ring on its back remained and was used to bind Spielban. Gathering the strength he had left, Spielban broke free and destroyed MechaShoulder with his sword.

* MechaBander (2): After the demise of MechaShoulder in episode one, MechaBander emerged as the Wahrer's latest threat against Spielban. While investigating the Wahrer's latest scheme, Spielban was lured into a trap/battle against MechaBander. It had multiple arms, including two large hands and an axe-equipped arm. Also included in its arsenal, MechaBander had electrical dischargers in its' shoulders. Spielban survived the first encounter against MechaBander, but the two fought once more. This time Spielban had a plan, scanning the robot for a weak spot. He attacked/blasted the device on the robot's head, weakening it and disabling the dischargers, before ultimately killing it.

* MechaShocker (3): Dr. Bio left Helen's cage unlocked, allowing her to escape. As she fled from the Wahrer via a jet fighter, Deathzero, Rikki, and the Kinclons followed her trail. Helen crashed on Earth and continued her escape. She could not run forever, so she left an encoded message which was later found by her brother. Spielban began his search for Helen only to be greeted by a Wahrer assault and MechaShocker. MechaShocker could extend cables from his chest and blast electrical lasers from the cable's tips. MechaShocker had a bazooka hidden in the right hump next to its' face, which he used to blast Spielban. The battle didn't last long as Spielban made short of the robot with his sword's finishing attack.

* Mechaputer (5): This character is also sometimes called MechaProcessor. Spielban spotted Helen while out patrolling the city, however his search for her was cut short by the appearance of Mechaputer. Mechaputer had all of Spielban's attacks downloaded into its' system. As a result, it could predict Spielban's attacks before he made them, making Mechaputer able to attack, defend and evade as it pleased. Spielban warped the battle to an empty rock quarry when Deathzero's army arrived. Spielban made short work of the jets and retreated the battle. Helen was then forced to set up a trap for her brother and lured him into another fight with Mechaputer. But this time Diana was in battle and Mechaputer had no data on her, so it was brought down and weakened by Diana and Spielban's combined laser attack. It was finally destroyed by Spielban's sword finishing attack.

* MechaAquactor (7): A small robotic tank that was assigned to guard the Wahrer's new underwater lab. Daigorou and a friend were fishing nearby and accidentally snagged MechaAquactor. The robot then pulled them both into the aquatic base where they were greeted by the bathing suit-clad Rikki, Gasher, and Shadow. Shortly afterwards, the men were released after the Wahrer femmes fatale flirted with them. Daigorou told Spielban about the underwater paradise, which made him suspect that the Wahrer may be involved. After discovering the lab, Spielban was attacked by Wahrer's jets and MechaAquactor. MechaAquactor mercilessly drove over Spielban and then transformed into a full humanoid form. Spielban took a heavy beating but was saved thanks to a recharge from Diana. Spielban used his finishing attack on MechaAquactor while riding his motorcycle. Aquactor seems to come from the combined words of "aqua" and "tractor".

* MechaMachine (8): A machine gun-themed robot equipped with machine gun blasters concealed under his shoulder pads. This robot could also blast a powerful laser from the sphere-like apparatus in his forehead. The Wahrer's plan this time was to target Diana! Once Diana was isolated at a dam, MechaMachine appeared with the Kinclons to fight her. Diana held her own as long as she could, but MechaMachine was too strong. It broke her Lady Sniper and threw her off the dam. Injured and bleeding, Diana fled into the woods where she came face to face with Helen. Helen treated Diana's wounds, but was forced to flee from the Wahrer's soldiers when they appeared. Both ladies parted ways and Diana was once again faced off with MechaMachine, but Spielban came to the rescue this time. Loaning his gun to Diana, they both destroyed MechaMachine.

* MechaRoboter (10): A robot originally created by Daigorou. An attractive businesswoman came into the Edison shop and offered him a great sum of money if he would construct a robot for her. Daigorou, infatuated by the mystery woman, was more than happy to accept the job. The woman was really Rikki in disguise and the Wahrer's plan was to use the goofy inventor's creation to launch a sneak attack on Spielban. He went to work dreaming about the possibilities of fame, fortune, and women. Daigorou finally finished his robot, but knock-out gas filled his shop, and the Kinclons secretly added their own secret modifications. A party was held to celebrate the robot's creation, but the robot secretly attacked Spielban with a small deadly needle in its finger. Luckly, Spielban faked his demise as he was wearing protective body armor under his jacket. The robot discarded its' creator's logo and changed into its Battle Machine Man form: MechaRoboter. Spielban went into battle with it and destroyed it with his finishing attack.

* MechaGunman (11): A robotic sniper armed with a laser rifle and a sword. It was also the first Machine Man with the ability to speak. At the beginning of the episode, Spielban came face to face with a mystery man in a cowboy hat and poncho. MechaGunman and Spielban exchanged gunfire, but MechaGunman left the battle and demanded a showdown for later. Also, the first fight left Spielban injured. Using the time to recover, Spielban modified his own gun and practiced his target shooting onboard the Gran Nazca. Meanwhile, the Wahrer examined the data MechaGunman managed to collect on Spielban. As the two had their second gunfight, MechaGunman had new surprises. MechaGunman genereated a radar and a red laser shield to deflect Spielban's fire. Diana joined the fight but didn't fare much better against the shield. She was quickly defeated, but her fall gave Spielban the motivation to short out the gunman's shield and destroy the robot once and for all.

* MechaFreezer (12): A robot based on a kitchen freezer and other household appliances. MechaFreezer could use his right arm like a vacuum to attack, as well as a fan-like apparatus built into his chest to blast Spielban and Diana with fierce winds and ice spray. An average family was given the chance to live their lives in comfort and fortune in a futuristic house with a safe filled with money. However the youngest son felt something not quite right about the house, and he was right to think as such because the Wahrer were up to no good. The boy's parents and older siblings began to let greed set as they became more and more conceited. The boy was a friend of Spielban's, so Spielban personally took a look at the house only to get booted by the parents. Diana had a different approach by placing a spy camera diguised a toy, courtesy of the Edison Shop. One night, the appliances began to behave strangely. The two heroes charged inside to witness the birth of MechaFreezer! By combing their efforts, both Spielban and Diana were able to destroy MechaFreezer.

* DrillHander (14): A drill-themed robot. The episode began with Spielban on a high speed chase to rescue a bus full of kids and a teacher from the Kinclons. But waiting for him was DrillHander. While Spielban engaged in combat, his bike was stolen! Deathzero then announced to Spielban that he had a choice to either recover his bike, or save the kids from a bomb. Unable to do both, Spielban retreated to the Gran Nazca to formulate a plan to rescue both the bike and the kids. Throughout the episode, a narration recaps all the Spielban arsenal in action as well as the two Metal Heroes' training. After training with a holographic swordsman, Spielban finally had a plan. Diana used her sex appeal to distract the Kinclons on guard while Spielban sneaked into the abandoned warehouse. Meanwhile, Deathzero was trying to dismantle the bike to extract any useful information, but had no luck. Spielban found the hostages, but was ambushed by DrillHander. The bike suddenly sprung to life, broke free of the restraints, and aided its' master. Spielban killed DrillHander with his finishing attack while he rode his motorcycle.

* BossKong (16): A gorilla-themed robot. Bosskong had spikes on his fists, and could launch his fists like flying maces at Spielban and Diana in battle. The Wahrer took a local camping site hostage; two men made an attempt to escape but were stopped by the robotic primate. The two men were recaptured, restrained, and tortured by the Kinclons. A young boy also tried to escape and was successful. Spielban found the child and learned about the hostage situation. As Spielban made his way to the campsite, BossKong was spying on him. He managed to free everyone, but Spielban found himself in serious trouble against BossKong. Diana came to the rescue, but her efforts against BossKong didn't do any better. With its jaws, BossKong took hold of Spielban's sword; to reclaim it, he hopped onto the monkey's back, pounded it repeatedly until BossKong overheated and emitted smoke from its' back. Spielban used his finishing attack to destroy BossKong.

* Blocker (17): A powerful, white robot, equipped with a hook and a large blaster pack on its' shoulder. Blocker has the ability to detach its' arms to attack its' opponents. Spielban's friend, a young child named Nobuo, was playing a motorcycle arcade game. Nobuo was then approached by a stranger who offered Nobuo a chance to try out a new arcade game. But the game was a trap and Nobuo's mind became trapped inside a virtual world. Spielban followed by using the game itself and had his mind trapped as well. Inside the virtual world and unable to transform, Spielban went through endless bizarre events during his quest to find Nobuo. Everytime Spielban came close to Nobuo and the mysterious man, his location kept changing from the urban city, to rock quarries, to train yards. With each new setting, there were simulated people who looked harmless, but attacked him without warning, including a pair of white robotic hands. The hands belonged to the robot Blocker. Meanwhile, his real body was transported to a hospital with Diana watching over him. Every injury Spielban sustained in the virual world, his body also suffered. His body was also in danger as the surgeon treating it was Blocker in disguise. The surgeon attacked Diana, who pleaded Spielban to wake up. Spielban managed to wake up from his virtual nightmare to battle Blocker. He managed to cut off Blocker's arms and kick off its head, but the robot continued to attack like it was unfazed. It was finally defeated for good by Spielban's finishing sword attack. Nobuo was alright as well and eager to play more video games.

* Doberilar (18): A fire-breathing kangaroo/doberman-like robot with a high-jumping ability. Doberilar could blast laser spheres from its' mouth as well as unleash a tiny airplane-like camera from its' chest. The camera had the ability to fire lasers as well as spy on targets through its' singular lense. Spielban fought with this robot by itself, as well as fought with it and Hellvira at the same time. Hellvira having been forced to fight against her will. Once Spielban knocked Hellvira down, this robot was destroyed by him soon afterwards, by his infamous finishing attack while he rode his motorcycle.

* Electroilar (19): An electricity-themed robot that can also attack with electricity. A robotics professor was visiting the Edison shop with his collection of robots. The robots looked more like oversized toys, except for one that was modeled with the appearance (and strength) of a weightlifter, called Samson. Later that night, Electroilar used its electrical current to take control of the robots, including the robot strongman! Spielban went to look for the missing robots and found them causing havoc throughout the city. While Spielban battled the robots, he tried to reason with Samson, but Electroilar gave it more juice to overpower Spielban. While regrouping at the Edison Shop, Daigorou told Spielban and Diana that the professor grew depressed and went to find his beloved robots on his own. Spielban then disguised himself as a robot for the Wahrer to capture, but his plan was complicated when the Kinclons found the inventor snooping around and captured him. Spielban removed his disguise and battled Denjilar while Diana took on Samson. Diana was saved when the professor snipped the wires in Samson's head, disabling it. Electroilar still remained, but Spielban transported the battle to a rock quarry where it was destroyed by his finishing sword attack. The professor was then reunited with all of his stolen robots, even the strongman robot.

* Wheelder (20): A car wheel-themed robot that could launch wheel-themed discs and blast lasers from his eyes in battle. The discs he launched matched the theme of the wheels that are/were on his body. This robot was used, alongside Shadow, Gasher, and Rikki, to help capture a couple/a scientist and his android wife. The android wife was destroyed in battle, by Wheelder. Wheelder controlled a humvee-like vehicle of his own, which he brought out in battle against Spielban and Diana. First, Spielban used the power of his motorcycle to destroy the humvee. Then, Spielban destroyed this robot, with his infamous finishing attack, while riding his motorcycle. Afterwards, Spielban and Diana helped the scientist and made sure he would arrive safely to his next destination.

* Sartan (22): A shaman-themed robot that had a humanoid and a robotic form. He managed to brainwash a KISS-like rock group into becoming an assassin group for the Wahrer. This robotic creature fought both Spielban and Diana inside of a cave, which was set as a trap for the hero. Later in the battle, Sartan revealed it could launch the fin-shaped blade on the top of his head at the heroes, which they managed to destroy. Destroyed by Spielban with his sword's finishing attack. When Sartan was destroyed, the spell on everyone he brainwashed was broken.

* Godoilar (23): A robot that could roll up into a ball and attack in said-form. It also had the strength to toss heavy boulders. While on Demon Mountain, Spielban and Diana confronted Godoilar while they had been searching for a researcher was last seen near the location, by his little boy and little girl. It was later revealed that he, the researcher, had been nabbed by Deathzone and the female spy team after he had discovered the Wahrer's new base. Godoilar had been created/used to guard the Wahrer's newly built base on Demon Mountain, by killing anyone, with his viscious traps and weapons, who dared to even approach the place. Diana managed to locate the base and destroy it, while Spielban went into battle with Godoilar. In battle, Godoilar managed to throw heavy boulders on Spielban and pin him down, as well as blast lasers from his eyes. Spielban managed to escape being pinned and destroy Godoilar with his finishing attack. This happened after an unsuccessful attack of combined laser pistols, from both Spielban and Diana, left Godoilar unharmed and very angry. After Godoilar and the base were destroyed, and Deathzero and the spies retreated, Spielban and Diana helped the two children and their father re-unite in a safer place at a safer time.

* Puncher (25): After the arrival of Guillotine, he quickly discovered a kink in Spielban's armor: whenever Spielban destroys a Battle Machine Man, Spielban undergoes a brief period of exhaustion which leaves him open to attack. Guillotine then ordered Gasher and Shadow to train themselves to attack that weakpoint while he personally supervised Puncher's construction. After the two kunoichi completed their training, Guillotine presented them with brand new kunai. There was only one thing left for Guillotine to do: kidnap Diana! Spielban knew he was walking into a trap, but what he didn't count on was battling a new breed of monster. One of Puncher's abilities was to detach its massive claw on its right arm and launch it at the enemy. The claw could operate separately from the main body and held a tight grasp on Spielban. After Diana broke free from the Kinclons, she joined the fight, but sadly her efforts made no difference. The combined laser pistols of Diana and Spielban only tickled Puncher. Puncher was powerful, but was eventually destroyed by Spielban. However, the fight wasn't over and Gasher and Shadow made their move! Luckily, Spielban managed to gain a second wind and killed them as well with one swipe of his sword. What Shadow and Gasher didn't know, is that the kunai they were given, by Guillotine, were rigged with bombs. As part of Guillotine's plan, they would have been destroyed, even if they hadn't destroyed Spielban.

* Medor (26): This robotic creature has a snake tail instead of legs. She was built by Guillotine and Deathzero, who planned to use her as a part of Guillotine's plan against Spielban. Medor disguised/shapeshifted herself into Helen to make Spielban believe that Helen had been transformed into a Battle Machine Man form. This was to make him feel guilty by making him believe he had to kill his sister. In reality, the real Helen was alive and safe in the Wahrer Castle/Kamedeath. Medor could blast arrows from her one, bow-like arm, as well as crack her tail like a whip and bind enemies (like Spielban) with it, in battle. Which Medor did, every time Spielban charged at and tried to strike her. Spielban managed to destroy Medor with his finishing attack. Another Helen duplicate robot, accompanied by Rikki and Guillotine, showed herself to Spielban, only to be destroyed by Spielban's laser pistol attack. Spielban figured out later that Medor was not Helen, and that Helen was still alive and out there somewhere for him to find one day.

* Batilar (27): A copper-colored bat-themed robot who was sent, alongside Kinclons, to capture an alien couple who crash landed on Earth, no thanks to the interference of the Wahrer. The alien travelers story was much like Spielban and Diana's, which had happened years ago. Spielban managed to rescue the female, while the male was successfully captured by the Wahrer. Batilar launched and latched his tentacled tongue onto the spaceman, draining him of his blue-colored blood while storing his robotic bat-like body. The blood was then turned into blue-like stones/pearls that were given to Pandora and used as an offering to the Wahrer deity. The spaceman was then used as bait to draw out the space woman into the open, which lead to both of them becoming trapped in a cage. As the alien hostages were being carted back, Spielban appeared and rescued them, which lead to he and Diana having a battle with Batilar, Deathzero, and the Kinclons. After the Kinclons had been taken care of, Spielban fought Batilar, who attacked by biting him on the neck. Deathzero stayed in the battle, double teaming the hero. Though overwhelming at first, Spielban endured and destroyed this robot with his sword finisher attack. Deathzero ran off and later Spielban and Diana helped the couple, using a borrowed ship of theirs, to return on their trip back home.

* Disk (28): A disk/disk-player-themed robot. This robot helped in the Wahrer's plot to use CDs, with Pandora's voice, to hypnotize and lure/trap pregnant women into their clutches. The Wahrer planned to used these soon-to-be babies for their own evil deeds. Diana disguised herself as one of these women and ended up in the same trap as the others before Spielban came to the rescue. After the pregnant women were saved, Spielban and Diana took on the Wahrer forces and Disk together. Disk could launch/blast disks from his arm/hand, in battle, as well as use a giant disk as a shield to reflect attacks made by Spielban and Diana, as well as reflect sunbeams as lasers to blast the heroes. Like many robots before it, Disk was eventually destroyed by Spielban's finishing sword attack.

* Offside (29): This football-themed robot attacked Diana with the help of Hellvira. A group of school kids and their swim coach were taken hostage by Deathzero while Kinclons rigged Diana's car with a remote control device. Spielban raced to the rescue, but before Diana could follow, Helen showed up unexpectedly. Once both ladies were in the car, Pandora took control of the car and steered them off a cliff. Diana bailed out but was poisoned by Hellvira's dagger. With an injured leg, she could not withstand the combined onslaught of Hellvira and Offside. When Offside removed the football on it head and kicked it towards his opponents, the ball detonates upon impact. Spielban managed to save the kids, but he barely made it in time for Diana. Offside used the football on his head and tried to tackle Spielban repeatedly in battle, both to no avail. Offside was destroyed by Spielban, but Diana was left in critical condition. Meanwhile, Guillotine showed Helen a recording of her recent actions as Hellvira; he thanked her for her participation, leaving Helen speechless and ashamed of her actions. The plan was used by Guillotine, who wanted to hurt by Spielban by hurting and killing Diana/his partner, allowing him to be easily taken out as well during his time of grief for her.

* Carman (30): An SUV/car-themed robot. After Helen failed to harm Spielban, and it was discovered that her transformation remote was no longer working, Carman was sent to destroy Spielban and bring back Helen. Carman could transform between his Battle Machine Man form as well as take the form of a regular-looking SUV. In regular form, it can blast lasers from its' high beams and could produce a force field-like shield to deflect Spielban's attacks. In battle, Spielban managed to blast and destroy this robot's rear-end, which seemed to slow it down long enough to be destroyed by Spielban's finishing attack, which Spielban implemented while riding his motorcycle.

* Antom (31): A bee-themed robot. Antom can spray acidic liquid from its' mouth that could disintegrate anything it touched. Antom could also release miniature robotic bees that can sting and electrocute Spielban, Diana Lady, and Helen Lady, attempting to fry their armor's circuits in the process. Antom can also drill its' tongue into a building's foundation to cause it to quake and crumble to pieces. He was destroyed, along with a platoon of Kinclons, by Spielban's finishing attack.

* Ivyara (32): A walking tree/plant-like robot. He appeared when the Wahrer Empire's scheme was to turn people/Earthlings into plants. Ivyara grew from seedlings that the Kinclons were delivering on unmarked trucks across the city. After he grew, he went into battle with Spielban, Diana, and Helen. Ivyara could launch vines from its' mouth and fingers. These vines could bind and shock Spielban and the girls. He was eventually by Spielban's finishing attack.

* Biker (33): A motorcycle/motorbike-based robot. Guillotine had infiltrated a biker gang, and planned to use them, and this robot, to destroy Spielban for him. Biker could transform between his Battle Machine Man form as well as take the form of a regular-looking motorcycle. Diana's Lady Sniper did not seem to affect it. Spielban was able to destroy it in battle with his finishing move.

* Dreampacker (34): A balloon-themed robot. He appeared around Christmas when the Wahrer Empire's scheme was to use him/his powers to devour the dreams of children. Deathzero was sent to back up and aid him during battle. Dreampacker could release a binding, glowing balloon in battle as well as fire explosive laser spheres. It was eventually destroyed by Spielban's finishing attack.

* Liondon (35): He was used during the Wahrer Empire's scheme to give Earthlings magic mirrors on New Year's Eve that were supposed to make the Earthlings look beautiful. In reality, these mirrors turned people into mummies, through the use of magic from the deity Wahrer(which we now know was Pandora all along). Liondon first appeared in the guise of a kimono lion, hence the name. Liondon is a rollerskate-themed robot who wore rollerskates and resembled a giant rollerskate. He threw explosive parasol umbrellas at Spielban in battle. In battle, he could also extend his arms and neck to fit his needs. In battle, Liondon can blast bladed arrows and fire from his mouth. Liondon could also blast mini-missiles from his mouth as well. He was destroyed by Spielban's finishing attack.

* Walther (36): A red robot with three yellow eyes, and a bazooka-type weapon mounted on his right shoulder. Not fully trusting the new general's/Youki's plan, Rikki tried to convince Guillotine and Deathzone to use added measures. As a sort of backup aid, Deathzone created this robot to help distract and defeat Spielban, Helen, and Diana. After Walther appeared, Youki and the 'Muumuu' pulled back and left Walther to destroy the heroes. Spielban, Diana, and Helen combined their laser blasts in order to weaken him. Spielban then destroyed him with his finishing attack.

* Brainder (38): A brain-themed robot with brains on its' chest. Youki abducted a couple of scientists and drained their knowledge into this robot, so that he could obtain/steal a device,that the couple had developed, for the Empire. The device supposedly contained technology that could boost Wahrer's technology, as they had nothing like it at the time. Spielban and Diana combined their laser blasts to destroy the robot's brains, which held the transferred knowledge of the scientists. The scientists gained back their stolen knowledge afterwards. This robot was also thought to have been defeated this way, however, it stood back up, in a now weakened state, ready to continue fighting. It was ultimately destroyed by Spielban's finishing attack.

* Youki Battle Machine Man (39): A scrap-metal robot created by Youki (and not by Deathzero, hence the name). It's scrapped body seemed to have previously been that of Yumepakkun's since it already had Yumepakkun's right foot. Then it was covered with Blocker's head and helmet, Godolar's body and legs, Sharinder's right arm, Puncher's right arm which was used for a left arm, and Mechaputer's left foot. It attacked only once before it was destroyed by Vacuumer, though it did manage to attack Vacuumer and Deathzero before being reduced back to scrap.

* Vacuumer (39): A vacuum-themed robot that can suck anyone toward him or blow them away with gusts from his built-in fans. When Youki rebelled against the Wahrer and took over the Kamedeath, this robot was summoned to deal with him. It sucked up all of Youki's power and also destroyed the Youki Battle Machine Man. Later, it was sent to destroy Spielban, Diana, and Helen, with Deathzero and his fleet in tow. Spielban destroyed it with his finishing move, soon after confronting it.

* Kumason (40): A green, scaly dragon/lizard-themed robotic creature that was dressed like a samurai warrior. He sought to wield the Legendary Demon Sword. With it, Kumason would become more powerful than Spielban in battle. Eventually, he and Deathzero discovered the "fossilized" sword, but realized it needed electrical energy (lightning) to recharge its' power. The granddaughter of the sword's temple keeper used her energy to turn the sword back to a fossil, after Spielban saved her. This distraction and loss allowed Spielban to destroy the weakened Kumason with his finishing sword attack.

* Movieman (41): A movie camera-themed robot. Movieman was used in Deathzero's plan to make a film. In the movie, Deathzero would gain the girl(Diana) and defeat the antagonist(Spielban). In battle, Movieman could blast powerful lasers from his camera lens eye and teleport in flashes of light. Movieman could also create translucent decoy images of himself and bind his opponents with movie reel tentacles. Movieman confronted and captured Diana first, before going into battle with Spielban and Helen. Movieman eventually had to battle Spielban, Helen, and Diana, after Helen rescued Diana, but it was destroyed by Spielban's infamous finishing attack.

* Blizzer (42): This robot resembles a walrus. Blizzer had the ability to freeze water pipes as well as (literally) freeze his opponents with built-in ice-blowers. To keep from being frozen, Spielban, Diana, and Helen were given anti-freeze defense on their armor. Spielban tried to reflect Blizzer's attacks back to him, but Blizzer was also equipped with a flamethrower and melted through the ice. Eventually it was destroyed by Spielban in battle with the help of Diana from the Gran Nazca, who managed to freeze him with his own laser long enough for Spielban to use his finishing attack to destroy him.

Bio Lifeforms

Doctor Bio's monsters. Unlike the Battle Machine Men, these creatures were created out of organic material and only a few were produced. Bio would later operate on himself and become a Bio Lifeform.

* Sporeja (6): The first of three Bio Lifeforms. Sporeja could metamorph itself into green slime for infiltration as well as morph into a flat starfish-like mass to wrap itself around its victims in order to consume them. After eating a human, Sporeja could assume their identity. Sporeja was used to break into a museum to steal a rare diamond. After eating and impersonating a guard, the diamond was successfully stolen, which Pandora used as an offering to the Wahrer deity. However, as we later learn that the Wahrer deity was not real, why did Pandora really want the diamond? Dr. Bio later upgraded Sporeja, and it now had the ability to shoot deadly gas. Spielban was almost eaten himself, but he finally killed Sporeja with his lance.

* Cottonja (13): A floating spore-like organism that emerged from a rose. While conducting his research by the lake, Spielban found a sad little girl. She quickly ran off, leaving behind her backpack. The backpack had her address and name, which revealed that she was the daughter of a renowned scientist. Spielban returned the backpack, but what he didn't know was the both the scientist and his daughter were secretly being held hostage by the Wahrer. The scientist was forced to conduct experiments for the Wahrer while his daughter kept him fed and made it appear to the public that everything was alright. But Spielban knew better. He sneaked in to save the girl and her father, but Deathzero threatened to kill them and forced Spielban to throw down his gun. The scientist mustered his courage and broke free from the Kinclons' clutches which allowed Spielban to attack without worrying about bystanders. Cottonja could destroy anything it came in contact with while it existed. Since it had no body, it was difficult for Spielban to land a decent hit. Spielban sucked up the creature in battle with his laser gun, and then destroyed it with his laser sword finishing attack.

* Seaja (15): An octopus-based monster and Dr. Bio's final lifeform. Seaja was covered in tentacled limbs and was colored bluish grey. Umija was unleased into the ocean where it would spawn small aquatic parasites from its' arms. These parasites latched onto victims at a local beach, leaving noticeable scars, and causing the infected person to madly desire to live in the ocean. Dr. Bio's plan was to infect all the earthlings with the parasites, and then they would eventually turn into fish people. Spielban needed to get the bottom of this problem, so he went scuba diving and discovered/confronted Seaja. Seaja tore off Spielban's gear, so he had to escape the ocean floor before drowning. He told Diana what was going on, and she then volunteered herself as bait to lure Seaja out of the water. Meanwhile, Spielban stumbled into Bio's hidden mountain lab and quickly demolished it with his land vehicle. Diana, meanwhile, was engaged in battle with Seaja. The monster could spit out a sludge-like material from the large opening on its' face and Diana was hit by it. Later, Spielban managed to join in the battle and kill the monster. After Seaja was destroyed, the victims of the parasites were freed of their manic need for the ocean. After saving the day, Spielban then returned to the beach to have some fun.

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