Journal of Experimental Medicine

Journal of Experimental Medicine

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discipline = Biomedical
abbreviation = "J Exp Med", JEM
publisher = Rockefeller University Press
country = U.S.A.
frequency = monthly
history = founded 1896
openaccess = after 6 months
impact = 13.965
impact-year = 2005
website =
ISSN = 0022-1007
eISSN = 1540-9538

The "Journal of Experimental Medicine" is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes research papers and commentaries in the biomedical area. Topics covered include immunology, inflammation, infectious disease, hematopoiesis, cancer, stem cells and vascular biology. The journal has a history of predominantly publishing basic research, although studies in human subjects form an increasing proportion of papers published (around 10% in 2004). [Steinman RM (2005) Research on human subjects in the "JEM". "J Exp Med" 201: 1349-1350]

JEM was founded in 1896, which makes it among the longest established of scientific journals. Initially published at the Johns Hopkins University, it was taken over in 1905 by the Rockefeller University Press, the current publishers, and is published on a not-for-profit basis. There is no single Editor-in-Chief, with eleven academic Editors and a hundred strong Advisory Board.

JEM is published monthly. An online archive of articles back to 1896 is available in text and PDF formats (material from 1996 and earlier is only available in PDF). Material over 6 months old is freely accessible, and access to all papers is also provided free of charge to developing countries.

Its 2005 impact factor was 13.965, putting it amongst the leading biomedical journals. [ [ About the "JEM"] (accessed 23 October 2007)]


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