HMS Bacchante (1901)

HMS Bacchante (1901)

HMS "Bacchante" was a "Cressy"-class armoured cruiser launched in 1901 for the Royal Navy. "Bacchante" served for a while with the Mediterranean Fleet. In 1906 she was transferred to the North America and West Indies Squadron and served there until she returned to home waters.

At the outbreak of WWI, "Baccante" served as the flagship of the Live Bait Squadron, blockading the English Channel from the North Sea to German traffic.

"Bacchante" took part in the landing at Anzac Cove during the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915. When the infantry came under fire from Turkish artillery at Gaba Tepe, "Bacchante" approached close in to shore and fired directly on the gun emplacements in an attempt to silence them.

"Bacchante" was sold in 1920.



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