Tori Go! Go!

Tori Go! Go!

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show_name = Tori Go! Go!

caption =
format = Animated television series
runtime = 30 min of 10 min.
creator =
starring = Lee Seon Joo
country = South Korea
network = KBS
first_aired = July 2006
last_aired =
num_episodes = 51

Tori Go! Go! (hangul:토리 고고, 토리 Go! Go!) is a Korean animated television series. It is a product of the major anime broadcaster KBS, and the animation was done by Duru Pics, Gangwon Film Association, DPS Corporation. The story centers on the girl character Tori Go! Go!, a high teen girls character squirrel.

Make info

*Title:Tori Go! Go! (토리 GO! GO!)
*Original make:Kim Na Kyeong
*Genre:Comic Citcom
*Mode:TV Animation Series of 30 minutes*17 part (10 minutes*51 part)
*Made present:2D Animation
*Make:Duru Pics, Gangwon Film Association, DPS Corporation


*Gonggi Girl


The English name is to the left of the Korean name.
*Part 1:300 Won/Tori & Beast/Mini Hen Meri (삼백원/토리와 야수/병아리 메리)
*Part 2:Rain Day/Gonggi Play/Rori's Desk (비오는 날/공기놀이/로리의 책상)
*Part 3:Terrible Wheel/Crash/Terrible Story (무서운 바퀴/상처/무서운 이야기)
*Part 4:Cry it/Bicycle/We house 3 Sisters (억울해/자전거/우리집 세자매)

Voice actors

*Lee Seon Joo
*Kim Ah Yeong
*Oh Joo Yeon
*Kim Chang Ki

External links

* [ KBS Tori Go! Go! Homepage]
* [ Tori Go! Go!] at Mimanbu (Korean)

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