NTS may refer to:






  • Neurotensin, a neuropeptide hormone
  • New Testament Studies, an academic journal
  • Non-topological soliton, in quantum field theory
  • No True Scotsman
  • Nucleus tractus solitarius (literally "nucleus of the solitary tract"), a collection of neurons in the brainstem that play a role in gustatory, cardiovascular, and respiratory function
  • Number Translation Service, a service that translates a dialled telephone number (typically commencing 08 in the UK) into an actual geographic 'connect number'. With 08 numbers the call revenue is shared between the phone company and the called party.
  • Not To Scale, a disclaimer used in engineering drawings or schematics when the dimensions of the represented elements are not proportionately accurate
  • Nothing To Say, a short form of sms phrase used during messaging and tweeting.

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