St. Peter (disambiguation)

St. Peter (disambiguation)

St. Peter may refer to:


*Saint Peter (d. ca. 64 AD), the apostle
*Saint Peter of Rates (d. ca. 60 AD)
*Peter, martyred with Marcellinus (d. ca. 304 AD)
*Peter, martyred with Gorgonius and Dorotheus (4th century)
*Pope Peter of Alexandria (300-311)
* Saint Peter the Wonderworker and Bishop of Argos (855-925)
*Saint Peter Damian (ca. 1007–1072)
*Saint Peter Igneus (d. 1089)
*Saint Peter of Pappacarbone (d. 1123)
*Saint Peter Martyr (1206-1252)
*Metropolitan Peter (d. 1326), patron saint of Moscow
*Saint Peter of Alcantara (1499—1562)
*Saint Peter Claver (1580–1654)
*Saint Peter Fourier (1565-1640)
*Saint Peter the Aleut (d. 1815)
*Petar I Petrović-Njegoš (Saint Peter of Cetinje) (1747-1830), ruler of Montenegro and Montenegrin saint
* Saint Peter Yi Tae-chol of the Korean Martyrs (d. 19th century)
* Saints Peter Tuan, Peter Dung Van Dinh, Peter Da, Peter Duong Van Troung, Peter Francis Neron, Peter Hieu Van Nguyen, Peter Quy Cong Doan, Peter Thi Van Truong Pham, Peter Tuan Ba Nguyen, Peter Tuy Le, and Peter Van Van Doan of the Vietnamese Martyrs
*Saint Peter Thomas, Carmelite Order


*"Saint Peter" (poem), by Henry Lawson


*in Austria:
**Sankt Peter am Kammersberg, in Styria
**Sankt Peter am Ottersbach, in Styria
**Sankt Peter im Sulmtal, in Styria
**Sankt Peter ob Judenburg, in Styria
**Sankt Peter-Freienstein, in Styria
**Sankt Peter am Hart, in Upper Austria
**Sankt Peter am Wimberg, in Upper Austria
**Aspangberg-Sankt Peter, in Lower Austria
**Sankt Peter in der Au, in Lower Austria
*Saint Peter, Barbados
*Saint Peter, Jersey, Channel Islands
*Sankt Peter, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
*Sint Pieter, Maastricht, the Netherlands.
*Sankt Peter-Ording, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
*St. Peter, Switzerland, a village in the Grisons
*in the United States:
**St. Peter, Illinois
**Saint Peter, Indiana
**St. Peter, Minnesota

ee also

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* The St. Peter's fish (see tilapia) found in the Sea of Galilee

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