Simply Slang EP

Simply Slang EP

Infobox Album
Name = Simply Slang
Type = EP
Artist = Simply Slang

Released = June 4 2004
Genre = Rock
Length = 13:37
Label = Platinum Realm Entertainment/Independent Records
Producer = Simply Slang
Reviews =
Last album =
This album = "Simply Slang"
Next album = "Bad Attitude"

"Simply Slang" is the eponymous debut EP by the Chicago-based hard rock band Simply Slang. Originally recorded and released by the band as a 4-song demo in 2003, this recording was re-released (with the omission of one song, and the addition of an instrumental version of "The Star-Spangled Banner") a year later by Platinum Realm Entertainment.

Despite criticism over its production quality (a TASCAM Portastudio was used during the recording sessions), "Simply Slang" contains the band's most popular song, "Angeline", and remains their best-selling work.

Track listing

#"The Star-Spangled Banner" (Key) – 1:51
#"Live 4 The Weekend" (Morales) – 3:36
#"Rock & Roll Chain Gang" (Morales) – 3:19
#"Angeline" (Morales) – 4:50


*Aaron Morales - Guitar, vocals
*Jeff Novak - Guitar
*Rick Robledo - Bass
*David Gonzalez - drums

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