Bridgeton, Portland, Oregon

Bridgeton, Portland, Oregon

Infobox Neighborhood Portland OR
neighborhood_name = Bridgeton
association_name = Bridgeton Neighborhood Association
association_website =
coalition_name = North Portland Neighborhood Services
coalition_website =
area = 0.72 []
portlandmaps_x = 7647289.113
portlandmaps_y = 713317.541
censusyear = 2000
pop_total = 593
pop_density = 824
households_total = 306
occupancy = 55
households_owned = 197
households_owned_pct = 64
households_rented = 109
households_rented_pct = 36
household_size = 1.94
footnotes =

Bridgeton is a compact neighborhood of detached houses, rowhouses, apartment and condominium complexes, and houseboats in the North and Northeast sections of Portland, Oregon. It occupies a narrow strip of land around a levee between the Columbia River (North Portland Harbor) and Bridgeton Slough.

In 1907 a one-room schoolhouse, the Columbia School, was constructed in the area. Between 1915 and 1930 housing was developed in the area, which was the terminus of the Vancouver Interurban streetcar line. The Faloma post office served the area from August 13, 1921 to June 15, 1935; the USGS still uses this name for the place. (According to "Oregon Geographic Names", Faloma was an acronym for the surnames of local landowners Force, Love, and Moore, coined after the United States Postal Service rejected the name "Bridgeton" as too common.)

The Bridgeton Neighborhood Association was formed in March 1992 to deal with crime and traffic issues, and shortly thereafter was instrumental in defeating a rezoning request for a superstore to be constructed nearby.

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* [ 1997 Bridgeton Neighborhood Plan] (PDF)

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