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company_name = Phase One A/S
company_type = Corporation
foundation = Denmark (1993)
location = Copenhagen, Denmark
key_people = Samir Léhaff, Founder
Henrik O. Håkonsson, CEO
industry = Digital Imaging
products = Digital backs, RAW Processing Software
revenue =
operating_income =
net_income =
num_employees = 130
parent =
subsid = Phase One U.S Inc.
Phase One Germany
Phase One China
Phase One Japan
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footnotes = Company is a employee owned organization.

Phase One is a Danish company specializing in high-end digital photography equipment. It manufactures digital backs for medium and large format cameras, highly popular among fashion and still life photographers. Their own RAW processing software, Capture One, supports many DSLRs besides their backs, and is also highly regarded.



Phase One commenced a close cooperation with Mamiya in 2006 and in 2008 the first product was released.
* Phase One 645 AF

Digital Backs

P+ Series

The P+ series are similar to the normal P series but have higher capture speeds, better response to long exposure times, and add LiveView which allows the user to focus and compose on a monitor while tethered.Also a New high resolution LCD screen was implemented with better resolution and luminance.
* P65+: 60,5 MP (The worlds first 645 full frame camera back)
* P45+: 39 MP
* P30+: 31,6 MP
* P25+: 22 MP
* P21+: 18 MP
* P20+: 16 MP

P Series

The P-series are fully untethered backs available for many different camera mounts.

* P45: 39 MP
* P30: 31,6 MP
* P25: 22 MP
* P21: 18 MP
* P20: 16 MP

H Series

The H-series are tethered backs available for many different camera mounts.Camera back connects through standard 6pin firewire.

* H25: 22 MP
* H20: 16 MP
* H10 / H101: 11 MP
* H5: 6 MP


This was the first camera back on the market which had image quality which could compete with film and that was immensely popular.

* LightPhase: 6 MP

Scan Backs

The Scan backs are tethered digital scan backs.

* PowerPhase FX+: 10,500 pixels x 12,600 steps (132 MP equivalent).
* PowerPhase: 7,000 pixels x 7000 steps (49 MP equivalent).
* PhotoPhase: 5,000 pixels x 7200 steps (36 MP equivalent).
* StudioKit: 2,500 pixels x 3600 steps (9 MP equivalent).


* Capture One v4
** Capture One 4 PRO
** Capture One 4

* Capture One v3.x (Discontinued)
** Capture One PRO
** Capture One LE
** Capture One DB

* Portrait One (Discontinued)
**Portrait One Executive
**Portrait One Lite
**Portrait One Sales

Product release in chronological order

* CB6x and FC70 -93
* StudioKit 1996
* PhotoPhase (+) 1995/1996 (Christmas/New Year)
* PowerPhase 1997
* LightPhase (BB00) -98
* LightPhase (BB01) -98/99
* LightPhase (BB02) 1999
* LightPhase (645 versions and BB03) -99
* PowerPhase FX -00
* H20 -01
* PowerPhase FX+ -02
* H5 and H10 6mp (Re-branded Lightphase) -02
* H10 (11mp) -02
* H101 (H10 11mp, Hasselblad H1 design) -02
* H25 -03
* P25 and P20 -04
* P21, P30 and P45 -05
* P20+, P21+, P25+, P30+ and P45+ -07
* Phase One 645 AF -08
* P65+ -08

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