Station (disambiguation)

Station (disambiguation)

Station (from Latin "statio") can refer to anything stationary, specifically:

* status, social status
* a relay station in a courier system
*cursus publicus (Roman Empire)
* a type of postal facility that is not a main post office; term explained in United States Postal Service
* Station (Australian agriculture) (the Australian equivalent of the North American Ranch)
* Fire station
* Gauging station, a location along a river or stream used for gaging or other measurements
* Hill station is a town in India which is high enough to be relatively cool in summer
* Ground station
*diplomatic station where a diplomatic/consular official (or mission) is posted ('stationed')
* Stations of the Cross refer to a Christian devotion and its associated images
* Station of Labor refers to the position of a baby in the birth canal, ranging from -4 to +4. A reading of 0 means that the baby is 'engaged' and labor has started.
* The Stations (Irish custom), was the custom during the period English proscriptions against Catholicism of gathering in homes for mass and socializing
* A desk with permanent fixtures - e.g. one might describe the desk that a supervisor sits at in a power station control room as a 'station'
* Station is the second full-length album by the instrumental rock band Russian Circles

Traffic and infrastructure

* Filling station, "gas station" or "petrol station"
* Power station
* Space station
* Transit station:
** Bus station
** Metro station (underground or elevated )
** Train station
** Train order station
* Police station
* Station manager, airline terminology for the head airline manager at an airport the airline operates at


* Naval Air Station, an airbase of the United States Navy
* RAF station
* Royal Naval Air Station
* station (frontier defensive structure)
* more generally a military base, meaning the infrastructure and the personnel there being "stationed" there


* Broadcast station
** Radio station
** Television station

Computer networks

* Station (networking)
** Primary station
** Control station
** Slave station
* Workstation

Proper names

*"Stations", a song, second single from New Zealand and Shihad's debut album Churn
*The Station, a nightclub that burned down in 2003 killing 100 people

ee also

* Station chief
* Stationery
* Stations list, list of the locations visited by the Israelites following their exodus from Egypt
*, Sony Online Entertainment game portal
* Station wagon, a vehicle body style

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