Reach may mean one of the following:

Companies & Organizations

* Reach (agency), the name of the eGovernment agency of the government of Ireland
* REACH Global Services Ltd, a company operating a large cable network in Asia Pacific
* Society for Remedial Education Assessment Counseling Handicapped is the name of a Kolkata-based organization educating disabled children in India
* Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, a framework for regulation of chemicals in the European Union
* REACH, Inc., a Juneau based agency serving disabled people in Juneau, and SE Alaska
* Rural Earthship Alternative Community Habitat (REACH), a community in Taos, USA focused on building earthships [ [ REACH description] ]

European Union law

* Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is a European Union regulation that came into force on 1st June 2007 and replaces a number of European Directives and Regulations with a single system.


* Reach, a planet in the Epsilon Eridani system, and place of training for the SPARTAN-II Project in the video game series Halo
* Reach, a nickname of Park Jung Suk, professional StarCraft player


* Reach (S Club 7 song), a song by the pop group S Club 7
* Reach (album), a 2006 album by the rock band Survivor
* Reach (Eyes Set to Kill), a 2008 album by the post-hardcore band Eyes Set to Kill
* "Reach, The (song)", a song written and performed by Dan Fogelberg
* "Reach (song)", the 1996 Summer Olympics official song, performed by Gloria Estefan
* Reach (Nightwish song), a song by Nightwish


* Reach (advertising), a measure of the size of an audience
* Reach (geography), an expanse, or widening, of a stream or river channel, commonly occurring after daming
* Reach (physical measurement), measured from fingertip to fingertip, important in boxing, basketball
* REACH (brand), a brand of toothbrushes, dental floss, and other oral care products manufactured by McNeil-PPC, a division of Johnson & Johnson Corporation


* Reach, Cambridgeshire is a village in England
* Reach (church), a church in Manchester, UK

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