Popina Island

Popina Island

Popina Island is a Romanian island in the northern part of the Razelm Lake (Razim). The island spans 98 hectares and it is a protected reserve, hosting an important nesting area for shelducks. Razelm Lake is the largest permanent water expanse in the Danube Delta, separated from the Black Sea by two long grinds and it flows into Goloviţa Lake, a fish farm now.


Popina Island constitutes an important resting place for migratory birds and the nesting place for shelduck ("Tadorna tadorna"). In spring, one can find here swamp and forest birds like: nightingales ("Luscinia megarhynchos"), calandra larks ("Melanocorypha calandra") and othersThe invertebrate fauna comprises rarities like the European black widow ("Latrodectus tredecimguttatus") and the giant myriapod ("Scolopendra cingulata").


Geologically spoken, Popina Island consists of Triassic limestones which crop out over the island. Some parts are covered by loess.

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