Green syndicalism

Green syndicalism

Green syndicalism has been used as a name for the philosophy of the green guild or sustainable trades movement. [ [ Green syndicalism] from [ The Language of Politic] Dictionary and Research guide. Retrieved August 21, 2008.]


It is related to Anarcho-syndicalism and Eco-anarchism methodologically, but lacks specifically anarchism and Marxism as ideologies. (However, the term has also been used by those embracing both anarchism and syndicalism, such as authors Graham Purchase and Jeff Shantz).

Its methods are a fusion of the trade union, more robust methods from formal syndicalism, and the direct action and workplace democracy movements (the most prominent proponent of green syndicalism is the IWW). It may work closely with green movement and fair trade groups. However, it does not usually adopt the larger political goals of these movements. It is more likely to be an outgrowth of craft and heritage worker movements, e.g. to preserve wooden ship building, or traditional organic ranching methods.

Some think the eco-syndicalists are closely related to the back-to-the-land, survivalist, or hippie movements, or to ethical traditions that resemble those movements such as Mennonites, e.g. the Amish, especially for their focus on appropriate technology. They are, however, willing to adopt new technologies, and to work with other, similar groups worldwide.

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