Alameda, Portland, Oregon

Alameda, Portland, Oregon

Infobox Neighborhood Portland OR
neighborhood_name = Alameda
association_name = Alameda Neighborhood Association
association_website =
coalition_name = Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods
coalition_website =
area = 1.27
map_url =
portlandmaps_x = 7654976.296
portlandmaps_y = 693209.063
censusyear = 2000
pop_total = 4012
pop_density = 3159
households_total = 1615
occupancy = 98
households_owned = 1495
households_owned_pct = 93
households_rented = 120
households_rented_pct = 7
household_size = 2.48
footnotes =

Alameda is a neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, United States that is located on the Alameda Ridge with views of Downtown, the Willamette River, and the Cascades. Northeast Fremont Street is the neighborhood’s main east-west thoroughfare and NE 33rd, its main north-south thoroughfare, makes up its eastern boundary. The neighborhood is adjacent to [ Wilshire Park] , a 14.4 acre neighborhood park. The community’s side streets wind around the hill, past cottages and expansive Craftsman homes. Alameda is located between the business districts of Beaumont Village and the Hollywood District.

The Alameda neighborhood was established on the 1859 land claim of William C. Bowering and his wife, Isabelle. The area became known as Gravelly Hill Road for a gravel pit at NE 33rd and Fremont. In 1909, the Alameda Land Company laid out the exclusive Alameda Park subdivision that was then added to the city of Portland. The name comes from the Spanish word "alamo," meaning a poplar or cottonwood tree. "Alameda" means, precisely, a public walk or promenade lined with poplar trees, and, by extension, a street lined with trees. Like the English word for a "parkway."

[ Alameda Elementary School] of the Portland Public Schools district is located in the neighborhood, as is [ The Madeleine School] , a Catholic K-8 school.

There is also an Alameda Street in the neighborhood, which is the subject of the Elliott Smith song "Alameda" on his "Either/Or" album.



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