Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon

Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon

Alberta Street is a thoroughfare in Portland, Oregon, United States, stretching through the North and Northeast sections of the city and crossing Interstate 5.

In the Northeast area, Alberta Street is the heart of an arts, restaurant, and shopping district approximately 20 blocks long. The area around Alberta is becoming very popular with yuppies [ “ [ Racial Shift in a Progressive City Spurs Talks] ”. The New York Times, 2005-5-29. Retrieved on 2008-8-18] as well as hipsters, bohemians, hippies and other groups associated with the counterculture.Fact|date=September 2007

Last Thursday

On the last Thursday of every month there is a street fair that takes place in galleries and shops during the winter months, and outdoors during warmer weather, with tables set up by local artisans and traveling merchants along the sidewalk. Street performers and food carts also participate in the street fair.

Clown House

In years past, the Clown House was an integral part of the carnival-like atmosphere of Last Thursday and other neighborhood related events. [ " [ Q & A with A.A. Munson, aka Dingo Dizmal] ". Portland Tribune, 2007-6-22. Retrieved on 2008-8-19] [ “ [ Clown House of Portland, Oregon ] ”., 2007-6-24. Retrieved on 2008-8-19] The Clown House has since disbanded to work on separate projects. [ " [ Crash Landing] ". Portland Tribune, 2008-2-5. Retrieved on 2008-8-19]


Alberta street is home to the [ Northwestern Electric Company--Alberta Substation] .


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