Bridget Forrester

Bridget Forrester

Infobox soap character
series = The Bold and the Beautiful

caption = Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester (2007)
name = Bridget Forrester
first = Episode 1449
December 30, 1992
residence =
gender = Female
born = 1983
parents = Eric Forrester Sr.
Brooke Logan
siblings = Eric "Rick" Forrester Jr.
Thorne Forrester
(paternal half-brother)
Kristen Dominguez
(paternal half-sister)
Felicia Forrester
(paternal half-sister)
Hope Logan
(maternal half-sister)
Ridge "R.J." Forrester Jr.
(maternal half-brother)
Jack Hamilton Marone
(biological maternal half-brother)
Angela Forrester
(paternal half-sister; deceased)
grandparents = Stephen Logan Sr.
(maternal grandfather)
Elizabeth "Beth" Logan
(maternal grandmother)
Helen Logan
(maternal great-grandmother; deceased)
spouse = Deacon Sharpe
(divorced; 2001-2003)
Dominick "Nick" Marone
(first time, divorced; 2005-2006)
Dominick "Nick" Marone
(second time, divorced; 2008)
romances = Deacon Sharpe
Clarke "C.J." Garrison Jr.
Mark MacClaine
Ridge Forrester Sr.
Oscar Marone
(formerly engaged)
Johnny Berlanti
(blind date)
Dante Damiano
(formerly engaged)
children = Nicole Marone
(daughter, with Nick; stillborn)
baby Damiano
(miscarried baby with Dante Damiano)
Jack Hamilton Marone
(step-son, through Nick)
occupation = Doctor
cousins= Jessica Forrester
(paternal cousin)
Marcus Walton
(maternal cousin)
portrayer = Agnes Bruckner
Jennifer Finnigan
Emily Harrison
Ashley Jones

creator = William J. Bell

Dr. Bridget Forrester is a fictional character on the American CBS soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful". The daughter of Eric Forrester and his former wife Brooke Logan was born on-screen on December 30, 1992, with SORAS causing her to age unnaturally. Thus, the character has since been played by various actresses, including Agnes Bruckner, Jennifer Finnigan (who won three Daytime Emmys for her performance) and Emily Harrison. In December 2004, Ashley Jones took over the role.


Bridget was the second child born to Brooke Logan and Eric Forrester, following the birth of her older brother Rick in 1990. She also has three paternal half-siblings: Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia (a third sister named Angela was born microcephalic and inevitably died of her condition), and three maternal half-siblings: Hope, R.J., and Jack. Around the time of Bridget's conception, Brooke had slept with both Eric and Ridge Forrester, which raised the question of her true paternity. It was not until 1996 that Eric was revealed to be Bridget's biological father.

When she turned 18, Bridget fell in love with, and later married, the conniving Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan). Brooke, disapproving of her daughter's union with the sleazy Deacon, tried to convince him to leave Bridget. This led Brooke and Deacon to begin a secret affair. Brooke became pregnant with Deacon's child, who she passed off as that of Whip Jones (Rick Hearst), whom she eventually ended up marrying to cover up the affair with Deacon. The truth eventually came out and Bridget disowned her mother; moments later Brooke went into labour. Bridget --with the help of Brooke's mortal enemy Stephanie (Susan Flannery)-- delivered a baby girl later named Hope.

After failed relationships with C. J. Garrison (Mick Cain), Dr. Mark MacClaine (Michael Dietz) and even Ridge, who was once believed to be her father and then her brother, Bridget had all but given up on men. This changed, however, when she met Oscar Marone (Brian Gaskill) and was instantly attracted to him. Bridget and Oscar became engaged soon after.

Months into her engagement to Oscar, Bridget made the decision to relocate to Copenhagen to study medicine. Oscar went with her.

In December 2004, Bridget returned to L.A. with unresolved feelings for Ridge, having broken off her engagement to Oscar. She confided in her mother's former fiancee, Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) and over the next few months they became closer. Despite warnings from Stephanie and Dante (Antonio Sabato, Jr.), the two married in September 2005 after Bridget discovered she was pregnant with his child, a daughter to be named Nicole.

Felicia then returned to town after a year in Europe, with a three-month-old son, named Dominick, whom she believed to have been fathered by Nick. Felicia discovered she was dying of cancer and Bridget agreed to raise Dominick, with Nick, after she died.

In February 2006, Nicole was stillborn, which devastated her, and Felicia offered her support. Bridget and Nick were dealt another blow when a paternity test was run and revealed that baby Dominick was fathered by Dante, not Nick. Bridget then realized that her mother Brooke not her, was the true love of Nick's life, and presented him with divorce papers. Nick and Brooke then reunited.

Bridget and Dante decided to raise Dominick (who they nicknamed "Dino") together. In a surprising twist of fate, Felicia survived. While Bridget was thrilled to have her sister back, she worried that she wouldn't be able to share Dino with Felicia. Felicia and Bridget were now competing for the affections of Dante. Bridget then realized that she didn't love Dante as much as she thought, and gallantly stepped aside so Felicia can resume a relationship with the father of her child. This also strengthened their relationship, which had been skightly frayed because of the battle over Dante.

On Monday, August 14, 2006, Bridget announced that she had become a full-fledged doctor, and was pregnant. At first, she thought it was from her one-night stand with her ex-husband Nick; but discovered that she was further along than she thought, meaning that it wasn't Nick's child but was Dante's child. Despite this, Dante gently told Bridget that what they had was over for good because he was intent on being with Felicia; however he would be in his child's life. Tragically, Bridget miscarried yet again. Suprisingly, Felicia and Dante were instantly by her side to support her. Despite all the battles over Dante, Felicia still cared for her half-sister.

Bridget came to her mother's support after she had been raped by attorney Andy Johnson (Paul Ganus). She was also involved with helping Taylor have an in vitro fertilisation, which produced Taylor and Nick's son, Jack (Cameron and McKenzie Carr). However, to her dismay, one of the eggs that were supposed to be for research, happened to be one of her mother's eggs (a clerical error had occurred, when they still thought of Brooke as Brooke Marone) was implanted into Taylor.

Shortly after Taylor and Nicks marriage fell apart, Bridget decided to try and win Nick back, at any cost. She enlisted the help of her aunt Katie to convince Nick that Bridget is the one for him. However, Katie and Nick got close and when they kissed, Katie felt obligated to reveal all to a furious Bridget.

In July, Nick proposed to Bridget who accepted. On July 14, the day of the wedding, Katie ignored her feelings for Nick and stepped in to marry the couple herself. Not long after the wedding, it was revealed that Katie was pregnant. It was also revealed that Nick and Katie had sex while on Catalina Island and that he was the father of her baby.

Nick revealed his infidelity to Bridget after having a romantic evening and she tore into him with anger and told him it was over. She also confronted Katie who felt she was getting what she deserved when she gave her a verbal lashing. Both of them betrayed her and would never be welcomed into her heart again. She is now in the process of welcoming her father back from a coma and has held off on divorce proceedings.

Actress history

;Juliet and Trevor Johnson:Recurring : 1992 - 1993

;Abigail and Danielle Burr:Recurring : 1993 - 1994

;Brittany and Morgan Turner:Recurring : 1994 - 1995

;Caitlin Wachs:Recurring : 1995

;Landry Allbright:Recurring : 1995 - 1997

;Agnes Bruckner:Contract : 1997 - 1999

;Jennifer Finnigan:Contract : 2000 - 2003:Recurring : 2003 to January 2004

;Emily Harrison:Contract : January to May 2004:Recurring : May to July 2004

;Ashley Jones:Contract: December 2004 to present


Born on-air on December 30, 1992, SORAS has caused Bridget to age rapidly to the point where she turned 13 in 1998, and then turned 18 in 2001. As far as is known, Bridget has aged naturally since then.

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