Bilbobus is the name for metropolitan bus services in Bilbao, Spain.

The service is owned by the city council of Bilbao. Operations will be transferred to Veolia, the company that won the contract in May 2008. The buses can be distinguished by their red colour and large white lettering, and there are 28 major lines serving the city, with eight smaller lines connecting the town centre with neighborhoods with narrow streets where normal buses can't drive. Plus eight night lines, called Gautxori.

Bilbobus has recently won a European Union prize for service excellence. It is part of a wider transport network operated by the Basque government, recent additions to which include the Metro Bilbao underground and the EuskoTran tram line. They join the Renfe, EuskoTren and FEVE train services and are heavily integrated by means of the Creditrans card to provide ease of movement in the city.

The company's branding takes the Basque language name for the city, Bilbo.


The following is a list of the lines operated by Bilbobus, taken from their [ website] :

*‎ Arangoiti-Plaza Biribila
* Plaza Biribila-Otxarkoaga
* Elorrieta-Plaza Biribila
* San Inazio-Txurdinaga
* San Inazio-Zorrotza
* Sarrikue-Atxuri
* Arabella-Betolatza
* Txurdinaga-Miribilla
* Otxarkoaga- Basurtu/Termibus
* Santutxu-Plaza Biribila
* Garaizar-Santutxu
* Santutxu- Basurtu/Ospitalea
* Buia-Plaza Biribila
* La Peña-Jesusen Bihotza
* Miribilla- Ospitalea
* Mintegitxueta-Atxuri
* Basurtu Termibus-Arabella
* Miribilla-San Inazio
* Larraskitu-Castaños/Gazteleku
* San Adrián-Atxuri
* Peñascal-Larreagaburu
* Altamira-Termibus
* Zazpi Landa-Atxuri

Microbus lines (Auzobus)

*A1: Asunción-Plaza Biribila
*A2: Solokoetxe-Plaza Biribila
*A3: Olabeaga-Moyua
*A4: Zorrotzaurre-Deustu
*A5: Prim-Plaza Biribila
*A6: Arangoiti-Plaza San Pedro
*A7: Solokoetxe-Larreagaburu
*A8: San Justo-Ametzola

Night lines (Gautxori)

*G1: Arabella-Moyua
*G2: Otxarkoaga-Plaza Biribila
*G3: Larraskitu/Errekalde-Plaza Biribila
*G4: La Peña-Plaza Biribila
*G5: San Adrian/Miribilla-Plaza Biribila
*G6: Altamira/Zorrotza-Plaza Biribila
*G7: Larreagaburu-Plaza Biribila
*G8: Arangoiti-Plaza Biribila


After the inauguration of Metro Bilbao in 1995, the number of passengers transported by Bilbobus fell from 32 million to around 29 million. The underground's extension to the neighborhood of Santutxu in 1997, accelerated the decline in ridership, and it fell below 23 million in 1999. Some lines were suppressed, and the number of bus units used was lowered.

A reorganization of lines, and an improvement of the service have led to an increase of the ridership. The number of passengers has risen around 3 to 4 per cent yearly, and is expected to reach more than 28 million in 2008, its highest level in ten years.

Busiest lines in 2007

*‎ Peñascal - Larreagaburu: 2,008,969 passengers
*‎ La Peña - Jesusen Bihotza: 1,959,000 passengers
*‎ Otxarkoaga - Plaza Biribila: 1,789,088 passengers
*‎ Txurdinaga - Miribilla: 1,681,512 passengers
*‎ San Inazio - Txurdinaga: 1,673,612 passengers


Passengers are typically recommended to use a Creditrans travelcard. Available in denominations of 5, 10 or 15 euros, they permit ease of travel and the cost of tickets is discounted. The ticket is validated each time you board the bus at a flat rate cost of 55 cents. The Creditrans is also valid on trains, metro and BizkaiBus bus services, which extend wider out of the city centre into all of Biscay. The Creditrans is available at most underground stations, tram stops, kiosks and tobacconists.

Tickets are also available on board at a flat rate of 1.15 euro.

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