Hilary, from the Latin "Hilarius" meaning cheerful, may refer to:

;As a name
* The given name or surname Hilary or Hillary

*People commonly known by the surname Hillary, or solely by the given name Hilary, Hillary, Hilarius or Hilaria, including:
** various people known as Saint Hilary:
*** Saint Hilarius or Hilary of Poitiers, 4th century bishop and Church Father
*** Pope Hilary, better known as Pope Hilarius, 5th century pope
*** Saint Hilarius or Hilary of Arles, 5th century bishop
*** Hilary of Galeata, 6th century hermit
** Hilarius, archbishop of Tarragona (Spain) in c 402
** Hilarius (poet) (fl. 1125)
** Hilary of Chichester (c. 1110–1169), bishop of Chichester
** Hillary Clinton (born 1947), United States Senator from New York
** Edmund Hillary (1919–2008), New Zealand explorer; first man to reach summit of Everest
** Hilary Hahn (born 1979), American violinist

;Places named Hilary:
*St Hilary, Cornwall
*St Hilary, Glamorgan

* Hilary Term is the name of the Spring term at the Universities of Oxford and Dublin
* Hurricane Hilary has been used as a designation for Pacific tropical cyclones on several occasions, including in 2005.
* "Hilary" is the Italian title of manga series "Hikari no Densetsu"

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