Endzeit Bunkertracks

Endzeit Bunkertracks

"Endzeit Bunkertracks" is an aggrotech/electro-industrial compilation album series featuring exclusive, deleted and/or hard-to-find tracks. The first volume, or "act", (released 21 March 2005 by the record label Alfa Matrix) consists of 60 tracks, 50 of them being exclusive. Endzeit Bunkertracks follows a style where the album is divided into four "sessions": Evil, Torture, Damage and Death. The second act was released on May 11 2006, and the third on November 26 2007. All three came in 4-CD boxes, limited to 1,666 copies.

Endzeit Bunkertracks: Act I

Infobox Album |
Name = Endzeit Bunkertracks: Act I
Type = Compilation
Artist = VA
Released = 2005
Recorded = 2005
Genre = aggrotech
Label = Alfa Matrix

Evil Session

*Shnarph! – Reden und Atmen (Kurz)
*Hocico – Born to be [Hated] (Original Odium)
*Glis – Disappear! (Noir Machine Mix)
*Headscan – Dead Silver Sky (Biometric)
*Mnemonic – Humiliation (Club Mix)
*C-Drone-Defect – Fashion Victim (Just Greed Version)
*Noisuf-X – Happy Birthday
*Ayria – My Revenge on the World
*Hioctan – Dogma
*Plastic Noise Experience – Rotten People
*Pail – Que Hable el Silencio
*Punto Omega – Punto Omega (Run Level Zero Mix)
*Die Sektor – Scraping the Flesh (Alternate Mix)
*Cyclone B – Razor
*Neon Cage Experiment – Surrender (1.0)

Torture Session

*Suicide Commando – Cause of Death: Suicide (Club Edit)
*Skoyz – Distress/Signal (Vision Mix by Infekktion)
*Virtual> – Dark Room
*Combichrist – Tractor
*Neikka RPM – Storm of Hell (Complete the Fear)
* – Lebensborn (Autoaggression Mix)
*Sero.Overdose – Wir (Suicide Commando Mix)
*Assemblage 23 – Infinite (Glis Mix)
*XP8 – Straight Down (Dunkelwerk Mix)
*Diskonnekted – Danger (Aggressive Mix)
*Aslan Faction – Weep for Me (Auspex Mix)
*sang.ræl – A Brighter Day
!AïBoFoRcEn<- featuring à;GRUMH... – Chaos - Insect (Bloody Mix)
*Fractured – Only Human Remains
*Winterstahl – Delusion

Damage Session

*Tamtrum – Le Son de la Pluie
*Implant – Drugs vs. Violence (C-Drone-Defect Mix)
*Run Level Zero – Unter the Gun (Cal .50 Remix by X-Fusion)
*God Module – Resurrection Resurrected (Livevil Version)
*X-Fusion – C'mon Devil (Slow Version)
*Nebula-H featuring Aluben – Hypnos vs F.K.
*Terrorfakt – A.L.F. (accessory Mix)
*S.I.N.A. – Glamourboy
*Dunkelwerk – Hope's Heaven (Short Cut)
*Grendel – Soilbleed (v.2)
*Diverje – Enough to Destroy
*Tactical Sekt – Awaken the Ghost (1st Awakening Edit)
*Noise Process – Ascend
*MinDecease – Despair (Infected Mix)
*Project-X – Lies 2k2 (Punto Omega Remix)

Death Session

*yelworC – Doom of Choronzon
*The Retrosic – New World Order
*Agonoize – Sick
*Lok-8 – Defy (Edit)
* – The March of the Dead
*Re_Agent – Heaven Falling (Rapid Descent Mix)
*FGFC820 – Existence
*Dive – Heart and Soul
*Unter Null – Sick Fuck
*Dioxyde – Invasive Therapy
*Preemptive Strike 0.1 – Lethal Defence Systems
*Stark – Medicine (Doctors and Nurses Mix)
*Derma-Tek – Lost Cause (Grendel Mix)
*Synaptic Defect – Wake Up!
*Agonised by Love – After Dark (She Came) (Glis Mix)

Endzeit Bunkertracks: Act II

Infobox Album |
Name = Endzeit Bunkertracks: Act II
Type = Compilation
Artist = VA
Released = 2006
Recorded = 2006
Genre = aggrotech
Label = Alfa Matrix

Evil Session

*The Retrosic – The Storm
*X-Fusion – Witness of Your Decease
*Glis – Dead Set [7 AM]
*Soman – Ruler
*Monolith – 50360329
*T.H. Industry – Die Wut
* – Havestar (CombiChrist Mix)
*Noisuf-XJezebel (BT-Mix)
* – Sleeper Cell
*Stray – Intoxicate
*Kobold – Rubicon
*Neikka RPM featuring Implant – Find a Way
*Die Sektor – Mother Hunger
*Diskonnekted featuring Johan van Roy – Religion (Mildreda Mix)
*Dioxyde – Words of Judas (Supreme Court Mix)
*Winterstahl – Self Deception (Hard Version)

Torture Session

*Negri Bodies – I.T.D.
*Suicide Commando – Bleed for Us All (unter Null Mix)
*Heimatærde – Gib Mir
*Inure – Subversive (Corrupted Re-Edit)
*Necro Facility – Downstairs
*Mentallo and The Fixer – Driving off a Cliff with a Cult (An Old Friend Nearly Killed Me Mix)
*Index AI – Butterfly Houses (Edit 2)
* – Monolith
*Alien Produkt – Acceso Denegado (Vigilante Mix)
*Klutæ – We are Sinners (Made in Denmark Mix)
*Distorted Memory – God's Wrath
*DunkelwerkDresden (Reduced)
*Modulate – Das Bunker
*Shnarph! – Ausgebrannt
*Tactical SektBeslan
*Retractor – Possessions (Dawn of Ashes Mix)

Damage Session

*Necrotek – Spectre
*Skalpell – Sanatorium
*C/A/T – Smashed
*S.I.N.A. – Bewegungsablauf (Floor 4 Version)
*Isis Signum featuring Neikka RPM – Technique (Club Mix)
*Zombie Girl – Creepy Crawler
*Die Form – Bite of God 2006
*Plastic Noise Experience – I Feel Love (7”)
*Headscan – Terra Incognita (Sojourn)
* – Jesus Antichristus (Cerebral Apoplexy Mix)
*Life Cried – As We Decay
*E.S.R. – Nothing Stays
*FGFC820 – Pray
*Thirteenth Exile – Diseasespreader (Filthy Bitch Mix)
*Leæther Strip – Slam (The Happy Dance Version)
*Orange Sector – Tanzbefehl (Urban Remix by Heimatærde)

Death Session

*Neue Weltumfassende Resistance – Drache und Baum
*Implant featuring Unter Null – You Push Me
*Caustic – Digital Mangina
*Reaper – Angst
*Carnivora – Motivation for the Unseen Things
*Revolution State – Deny
*Tamtrum – La Menthe Vénéneuse
*Iambia – Chaosmancer (6,66 Mix by Noid of Siva Six)
*Terror Punk Syndicate – Dysmorphia
*Inertia – Slow Motion (Aslan Faction Mix)
*sang.ræl – Prophetic
*Trial – Für Zwei (Bunker Mix)
*Morphine Shot – My Legions
*Unter Null – Sick Fuck (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
*Lujhboia – Looser's Letter (Ammonium Remix)
*Dawn of Ashes – The Suffering

Endzeit Bunkertracks: Act III

Infobox Album |
Name = Endzeit Bunkertracks: Act III
Type = Compilation
Artist = VA
Released = 2007
Recorded = 2007
Genre = aggrotech
Label = Alfa Matrix

Evil Session

*NACHTMAHR - boom boom boom
*NOISUF-X - hit me hard (as hard as you can mix)
*KRZON. - dead or alive
*KOMBAT UNIT - we are machines (rumble remix by SOMAN)
*LEAETHER STRIP - battleground 07 (rumsfeld mix)
*WYNARDTAGE - praise the fallen (ACYLUM mix)
*UBERBYTE - total war
*CYLAB - dented halo (panel beaten remix by SKINJOB)
*ACRETONGUE - estranged
*HELALYN FLOWERS - e-race generation (ANGELSPIT mix)
*THE JUDAS COVEN - burn your soul
*MODULATE - skullfuck
*CAUSTIC - mmm papscraper i love you (CERVELLO ELETTRONICO mix)
*Neikka RPM - umbrae sub noctem (endzeit mix)
*ANGELS ON ACID - misery loves company
*Unter Null - journey (v1)

Torture Session

*FADERHEAD - dirtygirrrls / dirtybois (MODULATE mix)
*SOMAN - mask
*SAM - arm of justice (rough mix)
*Implant - there is a riot going on
*Grendel - hate this (X-FUSION mix)
*Suicide Commando - hate me (LEAETHER STRIP mix)
*FGFC820 - anthem (STEINKIND mix)
*DUNKELWERK - ungethuem (edit)
*TRIMETRICK - bitch from hell (dj1)
*SKOYZ - distress signal (C-DRONE DEFECT mix)
*PAINBASTARD - nyctophobia (STRAFTANZ mix)
*ESSENCE OF MIND - different
*FABRIKC - exorcism
*Detune X - pure evil (hardbeat mix)
*C/A/T - enhancer (CERVELLO ELETTRONICO mix)
*Banisher - taste of flesh

Damage Session

*RADIUM226 - nuclear violation
*PROTOTYPE - i hate you
*ACYLUM - rape (exclusive edit)
*ENDIF vs. REPLOGEN - last tribe
*COMPLEX MIND - infiltrat
*SEBASTIAN KOMOR - das oontz
*SHNARPH! - virus
*EXPERIMENT HAYWIRE - game called life
* - stammheim (edit)
*Ayria - the gun song (ESSENCE OF MIND mix)
*X-FUSION - rotten to the core (SOLITARY EXPERIMENTS remix)
*32CRASH - lone ranger (C-DRONE DEFECT mix)
*MONOLITH - all over (AH CAMA-SOTZ mix)
*X-RX - no more room in hell
*VIRGINS O.R. PIGEONS - Existe - (Violated virgin remix)

Death Session

*SKINJOB - Man (mothers against noise)
*STAHLFREQUENZ - Nothing but a mashine
*Alter Der Ruine - Coppin' it sweet (NOISUF-X mix)
*PROPULSION - extreme
*DISKONNEKTED - Adrenaline (endzeit edit)
*DAWN OF ASHES - Still born defect (nemesis mix)
*VISION ANOMALY feat. STAHLNEBEL - Anxiety neuroses
*DE_TOT_COR - Strawberry panic
*TERRORFAKT - Skullfucker (SYNNACK mix)
*INURE - The offering
*C-DRONE DEFECT - morituri te salutant
*NOISEX - Das ist elektro
*Psy'Aviah - Mine (endzeit mix)
*Isis Signum feat. Sara Noxx - Destroy the Wall (SUPREME COURT remix)

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* [http://www.alfa-matrix.com/ Alfa Matrix]

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