List of United States Senators from Nebraska

List of United States Senators from Nebraska

Nebraska was admitted to the Union on March 1, 1867.

Class 1

Thomas W. TiptonRepublican18671875
Algernon S. PaddockRepublican18751881
Charles H. Van WyckRepublican18811887
Algernon S. PaddockRepublican18871893
William V. AllenPopulist18931899
Monroe L. HaywardRepublican18991899
William V. AllenPopulist18991901
Charles H. DietrichRepublican19011905
Elmer J. BurkettRepublican19051911
Gilbert M. HitchcockDemocratic19111923
Robert B. HowellRepublican19231933
William H. ThompsonDemocrat19331934
Richard C. HunterDemocratic19341935
Edward R. BurkeDemocratic19351941
Hugh A. ButlerRepublican19411954
Samuel W. ReynoldsRepublican1954
Roman L. HruskaRepublican19541976
Edward ZorinskyDemocratic19761987
David K. KarnesRepublican19871989
Bob KerreyDemocratic19892001
Ben NelsonDemocratic2001

Class 2

John M. ThayerRepublican18671871
Phineas W. HitchcockRepublican18711877
Alvin SaundersRepublican18771883
Charles F. MandersonRepublican18831895
John M. ThurstonRepublican18951901
Joseph H. MillardRepublican19011907
Norris BrownRepublican19071913
George W. NorrisRepublican,
Kenneth S. WherryRepublican19431951
Fred Andrew SeatonRepublican19511952
Dwight P. GriswoldRepublican19521954
Eva BowringRepublican1954
Hazel H. AbelRepublican1954
Carl T. CurtisRepublican19551979
J. James ExonDemocratic19791997
Chuck HagelRepublican1997

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