publisher=DC Comics
debut="Chase" #4 (May 1998)
creators=D. Curtis Johnson (script)
J.H. Williams III (artist)
powers=Can transform her body into acid|

Acidia is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. She first appeared in "Chase" #4 (May 1998).

Character's background

Very little is known about Acidia's background. In her sole appearance in "Chase" #4, she is seen as a member of the criminal team Clockwatchers, under Clock King's command. Her teammates are Radiant, Sharpe and Crackle. She participates in an attack on the Atom-led version of the Teen Titans at the L.L. Siegel and Shuster Toys store in Metropolis.

Unfortunately for Acidia, Booster Gold, Firehawk and Cameron Chase were also at the toy store and they assist the Titans. Chase produces a mysterious flash of light which negates the villains' superpowers. They are all arrested and taken to prison.

Powers and abillities

Acidia has the ability to transform her body into acid.

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