Flag of Portland, Oregon

Flag of Portland, Oregon

The city flag of Portland, Oregon consists of a green field on which is placed a white "four-pointed directional star" from which radiate blue stripes, each bordered by L-shaped yellow elements. Narrow white fimbriations separate the blue and yellow elements from each other and from the green background. The standard size is 3 ft in length by 5 ft in height.

City ordinance 176874, adopted September 4, 2002, designates the design and its symbolism. Green stands for "the forests and our green City"; blue for "our rivers" (Portland is at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia); and yellow for "agriculture and commerce".

The flag was designed by Portland resident and graphic designer Douglas Lynch in 1969. The previous version of the flag adopted at that time included, over Lynch's objections, a dark blue canton containing the city seal; Lynch and fellow members of the Portland Flag Association were able in 2002 to convince the city council to simplify the design to better reflect the original intent.

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* [http://www.portlandonline.com/auditor/?&c=cheid&a=jbgg City Flag] (from City Auditor's website)

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