55th United States Congress - State Delegations

55th United States Congress - State Delegations

The Fifty-fifth United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, composed of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. It met in Washington, DC from March 4 1897 to March 3 1899, during the first two years of the first administration of U.S. President William McKinley.

The apportionment of seats in this House of Representatives was based on the Tenth Census of the United States in 1890. Both chambers had a Republican majority.

This article supplements the main article with a list of the members by state delegation.

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Dates of sessions

March 4 1897 - March 3 1899
*First session: March 15 1897July 24 1897
*Second session: December 6 1897 - July 8 1898
*Third session: December 5 1898 - March 3 1899 — a lame duck sessionPrevious congress: 54th Congress
Next congress: 56th Congress


Senators were elected by the state legislatures every two years, with one-third beginning new six year terms with each Congress. Preceding the names in the list below are Senate class numbers, which indicate the cycle of their election. In this Congress, Class 1 meant their term ended with this Congress, requiring reelection in 1898; Class 2 meant their term began in the last Congress, requiring reelection in 1900; and Class 3 meant their term began in this Congress, requiring reelection in 1902.

The names of members of the House of Representatives elected statewide on the general ticket or otherwise "at-large," are preceded by an "A/L," and the names of those elected from districts, whether plural or single member, are preceded by their district numbers.

Many of the congressional district numbers are linked to articles describing the district itself. Since the boundaries of the districts have changed often and substantially, the linked article may only describe the district as it exists today, and not as it was at the time of this Congress.

The list below is arranged by state, then by chamber. Senators are shown in order of seniority, House members in district order.


*2: John T. Morgan (1824-1907), "Democratic"
*3: Edmund W. Pettus (1821-1907), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(9 seats)"
*ushr|Alabama|1|1: George W. Taylor (1849-1932), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|2|2: Jesse F. Stallings (1856-1928), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|3|3: Henry D. Clayton (1857-1929), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|4|4: Thomas S. Plowman (1843-1919), "Democratic" ...contested election, served until February 9, 1898.
*: William F. Aldrich (1853-1925), "Republican" ...contested election, seated February 9, 1898.
*ushr|Alabama|5|5: Willis Brewer (1844-1912), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|6|6: John H. Bankhead (1842-1920), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|7|7: Milford W. Howard (1862-1937), "Populist"
*ushr|Alabama|8|8: Joseph Wheeler (1836-1906), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|9|9: Oscar W. Underwood (1862-1929), "Democratic"


*3: James K. Jones (1839-1908), "Democratic"
*2: James H. Berry (1841-1913), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Arkansas|1|1: Philip D. McCulloch, Jr. (1851-1928), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|2|2: John S. Little (1853-1916), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|3|3: Thomas C. McRae (1851-1929), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|4|4: William L. Terry (1850-1917), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|5|5: Hugh A. Dinsmore (1850-1930), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|6|6: Stephen Brundidge, Jr. (1857-1938), "Democratic"


*1: Stephen M. White (1853-1901), "Democratic"
*3: George C. Perkins (1839-1923), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(7 seats)"
*ushr|California|1|1: John A. Barham (1843-1926), "Republican"
*ushr|California|2|2: Marion De Vries (1865-1939), "Democratic"
*ushr|California|3|3: Samuel G. Hilborn (1834-1899), "Republican"
*ushr|California|4|4: James G. Maguire (1853-1920), "Democratic"
*ushr|California|5|5: Eugene F. Loud (1847-1908), "Republican"
*ushr|California|6|6: Charles A. Barlow (1858-1927), "Populist"
*ushr|California|7|7: Curtis H. Castle (1848-1928), "Populist"


*3: Henry M. Teller (1830-1914), "Silver Republican"
*2: Edward O. Wolcott (1848-1905), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Colorado|1|1: John F. Shafroth (1854-1922), "Silver Republican"
*ushr|Colorado|2|2: John C. Bell (1851-1933), "Populist"


*3: Orville H. Platt (1827-1905), "Republican"
*1: Joseph R. Hawley (1826-1905), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)"
*ushr|Connecticut|1|1: E. Stevens Henry (1836-1921), "Republican"
*ushr|Connecticut|2|2: Nehemiah D. Sperry (1827-1911), "Republican"
*ushr|Connecticut|3|3: Charles A. Russell (1852-1902), "Republican"
*ushr|Connecticut|4|4: Ebenezer J. Hill (1845-1917), "Republican"


*1: George Gray (1840-1925), "Democratic"
*2: Richard R. Kenney (1856-1931), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Delaware|AL|A/L: L. Irving Handy (1861-1922), "Democratic"


*1: Samuel Pasco (1834-1917), "Democratic"
*3: Stephen R. Mallory (1848-1907), "Democratic" ...elected to fill vacancy, May 15, 1897.:House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Florida|1|1: Stephen M. Sparkman (1849-1929), "Democratic"
*ushr|Florida|2|2: Robert W. Davis (1849-1929), "Democratic"


*2: Augustus O. Bacon (1839-1914), "Democratic"
*3: Alexander S. Clay (1853-1910), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(11 seats)"
*ushr|Georgia|1|1: Rufus E. Lester (1837-1906), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|2|2: James M. Griggs (1861-1910), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|3|3: Elijah B. Lewis (1854-1920), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|4|4: William C. Adamson (1854-1929), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|5|5: Leonidas F. Livingston (1832-1912), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|6|6: Charles L. Bartlett (1853-1938), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|7|7: John W. Maddox (1848-1922), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|8|8: William M. Howard (1857-1932), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|9|9: Farish C. Tate (1856-1922), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|10|10: William H. Fleming (1856-1944), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|11|11: William G. Brantley (1860-1934), "Democratic"


*2: George L. Shoup (1836-1904), "Republican"
*3: Henry Heitfeld (1859-1938), "Populist" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Idaho|AL|A/L: James Gunn (1843-1911), "Populist"


*2: Shelby M. Cullom (1829-1914), "Republican"
*3: William E. Mason (1850-1921), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(22 seats)"
*ushr|Illinois|1|1: James R. Mann (1856-1922), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|2|2: William Lorimer (1861-1934), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|3|3: Hugh R. Belknap (1860-1901), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|4|4: Daniel W. Mills (1838-1904), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|5|5: George E. White (1848-1935), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|6|6: Edward D. Cooke (1849-1897), "Republican" ...died June 24, 1897.
*: Henry S. Boutell (1856-1926), "Republican" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6, 1897.
*ushr|Illinois|7|7: George E. Foss (1863-1936), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|8|8: Albert J. Hopkins (1846-1922), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|9|9: Robert R. Hitt (1834-1906), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|10|10: George W. Prince (1854-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|11|11: Walter Reeves (1848-1909), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|12|12: Joseph G. Cannon (1836-1926), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|13|13: Vespasian Warner (1842-1925), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|14|14: Joseph V. Graff (1854-1921), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|15|15: Benjamin F. Marsh (1839-1905), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|16|16: William H. Hinrichsen (1850-1907), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|17|17: James A. Connolly (1843-1914), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|18|18: Thomas M. Jett (1862-1939), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|19|19: Andrew J. Hunter (1831-1913), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|20|20: James R. Campbell (1853-1924), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|21|21: Jehu Baker (1822-1903), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|22|22: George Washington Smith (1846-1907), "Republican"


*1: David Turpie (1828-1909), "Democratic"
*3: Charles W. Fairbanks (1852-1918), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(13 seats)"
*ushr|Indiana|1|1: James A. Hemenway (1860-1923), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|2|2: Robert W. Miers (1848-1930), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|3|3: William T. Zenor (1846-1916), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|4|4: William S. Holman (1822-1897), "Democratic" ...died April 22, 1897.
*: Francis M. Griffith (1849-1927), "Democratic" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6, 1897.
*ushr|Indiana|5|5: George W. Faris (1854-1914), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|6|6: Henry U. Johnson (1850-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|7|7: Jesse Overstreet (1859-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|8|8: Charles L. Henry (1849-1927), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|9|9: Charles B. Landis (1858-1922), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|10|10: Edgar D. Crumpacker (1851-1920), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|11|11: George W. Steele (1839-1922), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|12|12: James M. Robinson (1861-1942), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|13|13: Lemuel W. Royse (1847-1946), "Republican"


*3: William B. Allison (1829-1908), "Republican"
*2 John H. Gear (1825-1900), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(11 seats)"
*ushr|Iowa|1|1: Samuel M. Clark (1842-1900), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|2|2: George M. Curtis (1844-1921), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|3|3: David B. Henderson (1840-1906), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|4|4: Thomas Updegraff (1834-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|5|5: Robert G. Cousins (1859-1933), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|6|6: John F. Lacey (1841-1913), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|7|7: John A. T. Hull (1841-1928), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|8|8: William P. Hepburn (1833-1916), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|9|9: Alva L. Hager (1850-1923), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|10|10: Jonathan P. Dolliver (1858-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|11|11: George D. Perkins (1840-1914), "Republican"


*2: Lucien Baker (1846-1907), "Republican"
*3: William A. Harris (1841-1909), "Populist" :House of Representatives "(8 seats)"
*ushr|Kansas|1|1: Case Broderick (1839-1920), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|2|2: Mason S. Peters (1844-1914), "Populist"
*ushr|Kansas|3|3: Edwin R. Ridgely (1844-1927), "Populist"
*ushr|Kansas|4|4: Charles Curtis (1860-1936), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|5|5: William D. Vincent (1852-1922), "Populist"
*ushr|Kansas|6|6: Nelson B. McCormick (1847-1914), "Populist"
*ushr|Kansas|7|7: Jeremiah Simpson (1842-1905), "Populist"
*ushr|Kansas|AL|A/L: Jeremiah D. Botkin (1849-1921), "Populist"


*2: William Lindsay (1835-1909), "Democratic"
*3: William J. Deboe (1849-1927), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(11 seats)"
*ushr|Kentucky|1|1: Charles K. Wheeler (1863-1933), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|2|2: John D. Clardy (1828-1918), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|3|3: John S. Rhea (1855-1924), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|4|4: David H. Smith (1854-1928), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|5|5: Walter Evans (1842-1923), "Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|6|6: Albert S. Berry (1836-1908), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|7|7: Evan E. Settle (1848-1899), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|8|8: George M. Davison (1855-1912), "Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|9|9: Samuel J. Pugh (1850-1922), "Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|10|10: Thomas Y. Fitzpatrick (1850-1906), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|11|11: David G. Colson (1861-1904), "Republican"


*2: Donelson Caffery (1835-1906), "Democratic"
*3: Samuel D. McEnery (1837-1910), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Louisiana|1|1: Adolph Meyer (1842-1908), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|2|2: Robert C. Davey (1853-1908), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|3|3: Robert F. Broussard (1864-1918), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|4|4: Henry W. Ogden (1842-1905), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|5|5: Samuel T. Baird (1861-1899), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|6|6: Samuel M. Robertson (1852-1911), "Democratic"


*1: Eugene Hale (1836-1918), "Republican"
*2: William P. Frye (1830-1911), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)"
*ushr|Maine|1|1: Thomas B. Reed (1839-1902), "Republican"
*ushr|Maine|2|2: Nelson Dingley, Jr. (1832-1899), "Republican" ...died January 13, 1899.
*ushr|Maine|3|3: Seth L. Milliken (1831-1897), "Republican" ...died April 18, 1897.
*: Edwin C. Burleigh (1843-1916), "Republican" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated July 1, 1897.
*ushr|Maine|4|4: Charles A. Boutelle (1839-1901), "Republican"


*1: Arthur Pue Gorman (1839-1906), "Democratic"
*3: George L. Wellington (1852-1927), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Maryland|1|1: Isaac A. Barber (1852-1909), "Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|2|2: William B. Baker (1840-1911), "Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|3|3: William S. Booze (1862-1933), "Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|4|4: William W. McIntire (1850-1912), "Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|5|5: Sydney E. Mudd (1858-1911), "Republican"
*ushr|Maryland|6|6: John McDonald (1837-1917), "Republican"


*2: George F. Hoar (1826-1904), "Republican"
*1: Henry Cabot Lodge (1850-1924), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(13 seats)"
*ushr|Massachusetts|1|1: Ashley B. Wright (1841-1897), "Republican" ...died August 14, 1897.
*: George P. Lawrence (1859-1917), "Republican" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6, 1897.
*ushr|Massachusetts|2|2: Frederick H. Gillett (1851-1935), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|3|3: Joseph H. Walker (1829-1907), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|4|4: George W. Weymouth (1850-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|5|5: William S. Knox (1843-1914), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|6|6: William H. Moody (1853-1917), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|7|7: William E. Barrett (1858-1906), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|8|8: Samuel W. McCall (1851-1923), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|9|9: John F. Fitzgerald (1863-1950), "Democratic"
*ushr|Massachusetts|10|10: Samuel J. Barrows (1845-1909), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|11|11: Charles F. Sprague (1857-1902), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|12|12: William C. Lovering (1835-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|13|13: John Simpkins (1862-1898), "Republican" ...died March 27, 1898.
*: William S. Greene (1841-1924), "Republican" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated June 15, 1898.


*2: James McMillan (1838-1902), "Republican"
*1: Julius C. Burrows (1837-1915), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(12 seats)"
*ushr|Michigan|1|1: John B. Corliss (1851-1929), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|2|2: George Spalding (1836-1915), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|3|3: Albert M. Todd (1850-1931), "Democratic"
*ushr|Michigan|4|4: Edward L. Hamilton (1857-1923), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|5|5: William Alden Smith (1859-1932), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|6|6: Samuel W. Smith (1852-1931), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|7|7: Horace G. Snover (1847-1924), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|8|8: Ferdinand Brucker (1858-1904), "Democratic"
*ushr|Michigan|9|9: Roswell P. Bishop (1843-1920), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|10|10: Rousseau O. Crump (1843-1901), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|11|11: William S. Mesick (1856-1942), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|12|12: Carlos D. Shelden (1840-1904), "Republican"


*1: Cushman K. Davis (1838-1900), "Republican"
*2: Knute Nelson (1843-1923), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(7 seats)"
*ushr|Minnesota|1|1: James A. Tawney (1855-1919), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|2|2: James T. McCleary (1853-1924), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|3|3: Joel P. Heatwole (1856-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|4|4: Frederick C. Stevens (1861-1923), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|5|5: Loren Fletcher (1833-1919), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|6|6: R. Page W. Morris (1853-1924), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|7|7: Frank M. Eddy (1856-1929), "Republican"


*1: James Z. George (1826-1897), "Democratic" ...died August 14, 1897.
*: Hernando D. Money (1839-1912), "Democratic" ...appointed to fill vacancy, October 8, 1897, subsequently elected.
*2: Edward C. Walthall (1831-1898), "Democratic" ...died April 21, 1898.
*: William V. Sullivan (1857-1918), "Democratic" ...appointed to fill vacancy, May 31, 1898, subsequently elected.:House of Representatives "(7 seats)"
*ushr|Mississippi|1|1: John M. Allen (1846-1917), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|2|2: William V. Sullivan (1857-1918), "Democratic" ...resigned May 31, 1898.
*: Thomas Spight (1841-1924), "Democratic" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated December 5, 1898.
*ushr|Mississippi|3|3: Thomas C. Catchings (1847-1927), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|4|4: Andrew F. Fox (1849-1926), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|5|5: John Sharp Williams (1854-1932), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|6|6: William F. Love (1850-1898), "Democratic" ...died October 16, 1898.
*: Frank A. McLain (1852-1920), "Democratic" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated December 12, 1898.
*ushr|Mississippi|7|7: Patrick Henry (1843-1930), "Democratic"


*1: Francis M. Cockrell (1834-1915), "Democratic"
*3: George G. Vest (1830-1904), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(15 seats)"
*ushr|Missouri|1|1: James T. Lloyd (1857-1944), "Democratic" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated June 10, 1897.
*ushr|Missouri|2|2: Robert N. Bodine (1837-1914), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|3|3: Alexander M. Dockery (1845-1926), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|4|4: Charles F. Cochran (1846-1906), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|5|5: William S. Cowherd (1860-1915), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|6|6: David A. De Armond (1844-1909), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|7|7: James Cooney (1848-1904), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|8|8: Richard P. Bland (1835-1899), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|9|9: James Beauchamp Clark (1850-1921), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|10|10: Richard Bartholdt (1855-1932), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|11|11: Charles F. Joy (1849-1921), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|12|12: Charles E. Pearce (1842-1902), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|13|13: Edward Robb (1857-1934), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|14|14: Willard D. Vandiver (1854-1932), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|15|15: Maecenas E. Benton (1848-1924), "Democratic"


*1: Lee Mantle (1851-1934), "Silver Republican"
*2: Thomas H. Carter (1854-1911), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Montana|AL|A/L: Charles S. Hartman (1861-1929), "Silver Republican"


*1: William V. Allen (1847-1924), "Populist"
*2: John M. Thurston (1847-1916), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Nebraska|1|1: Jesse B. Strode (1845-1924), "Republican"
*ushr|Nebraska|2|2: David H. Mercer (1857-1919), "Republican"
*ushr|Nebraska|3|3: Samuel Maxwell (1825-1901), "Populist"
*ushr|Nebraska|4|4: William L. Stark (1853-1922), "Populist"
*ushr|Nebraska|5|5: Roderick D.Sutherland (1862-1915), "Populist"
*ushr|Nebraska|6|6: William L. Greene (1849-1899), "Populist"


*3: John P. Jones (1829-1912), "Silver"
*1: William M. Stewart (1827-1909), "Silver" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Nevada|AL|A/L: Francis G. Newlands (1848-1917), "Silver"

New Hampshire

*2: William E. Chandler (1835-1917), "Republican"
*3: Jacob H. Gallinger (1837-1918), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|New Hampshire|1|1: Cyrus A. Sulloway (1839-1917), "Republican"
*ushr|New Hampshire|2|2: Frank G. Clarke (1850-1901), "Republican"

New Jersey

*1: James Smith, Jr. (1851-1927), "Democratic"
*2: William J. Sewell (1835-1901), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(8 seats)"
*ushr|New Jersey|1|1: Henry C. Loudenslager (1852-1911), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|2|2: John J. Gardner (1845-1921), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|3|3: Benjamin F. Howell (1844-1933), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|4|4: Mahlon Pitney (1858-1924), "Republican" ...resigned January 10, 1899.
*ushr|New Jersey|5|5: James F. Stewart (1851-1904), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|6|6: Richard Wayne Parker (1848-1923), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|7|7: Thomas McEwan, Jr. (1854-1926), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|8|8: Charles N. Fowler (1852-1932), "Republican"

New York

*1: Edward Murphy, Jr. (1836-1911), "Democratic"
*3: Thomas C. Platt (1833-1910), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(34 seats)"
*ushr|New York|1|1: Joseph M. Belford (1852-1917), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|2|2: Denis M. Hurley (1843-1899), "Republican" ...died February 26, 1899.
*ushr|New York|3|3: Francis H. Wilson (1844-1910), "Republican" ...resigned September 30, 1897.
*: Edmund H. Driggs (1865-1946), "Democratic" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6, 1897.
*ushr|New York|4|4: Israel F. Fischer (1858-1940), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|5|5: Charles G. Bennett (1863-1914), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|6|6: James R. Howe (1839-1914), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|7|7: John H. G. Vehslage (1842-1904), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|8|8: John M. Mitchell (1858-1905), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|9|9: Thomas J. Bradley (1870-1901), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|10|10: Amos J. Cummings (1841-1902), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|11|11: William Sulzer (1863-1941), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|12|12: George B. McClellan, Jr. (1865-1940), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|13|13: Richard C. Shannon (1839-1920), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|14|14: Lemuel E. Quigg (1863-1919), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|15|15: Philip B. Low (1836-1912), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|16|16: William L. Ward (1856-1933), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|17|17: Benjamin B. Odell, Jr. (1854-1926), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|18|18: John H. Ketcham (1832-1906), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|19|19: Aaron V. S. Cochrane (1858-1943), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|20|20: George N. Southwick (1863-1912), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|21|21: David F. Wilber (1859-1928), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|22|22: Lucius N. Littauer (1859-1944), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|23|23: Wallace T. Foote, Jr. (1864-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|24|24: Charles A. Chickering (1843-1900), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|25|25: James S. Sherman (1855-1912), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|26|26: George W. Ray (1844-1925), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|27|27: James J. Belden (1825-1904), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|28|28: Sereno E. Payne (1843-1914), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|29|29: Charles W. Gillet (1840-1908), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|30|30: James W. Wadsworth, Jr. (1846-1926), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|31|31: Henry C. Brewster (1845-1928), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|32|32: Rowland B. Mahany (1864-1937), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|33|33: De Alva S. Alexander (1846-1925), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|34|34: Warren B. Hooker (1856-1920), "Republican" ...resigned November 10, 1898.

North Carolina

*3: Jeter C. Pritchard (1857-1921), "Republican"
*2: Marion Butler (1863-1938), "Populist" :House of Representatives "(9 seats)"
*ushr|North Carolina|1|1: Harry Skinner (1855-1929), "Populist"
*ushr|North Carolina|2|2: George H. White (1852-1918), "Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|3|3: John E. Fowler (1866-1930), "Populist"
*ushr|North Carolina|4|4: William F. Strowd (1832-1911), "Populist"
*ushr|North Carolina|5|5: William W. Kitchin (1866-1924), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|6|6: Charles H. Martin (1848-1931), "Populist"
*ushr|North Carolina|7|7: Alonzo C. Shuford (1858-1933), "Populist"
*ushr|North Carolina|8|8: Romulus Z. Linney (1841-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|North Carolina|9|9: Richmond Pearson (1852-1923), "Republican"

North Dakota

*3: Henry C. Hansbrough (1848-1933), "Republican"
*1: William N. Roach (1840-1902), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|North Dakota|AL|A/L: Martin N. Johnson (1850-1909), "Republican"


*1: John Sherman (1823-1900), "Republican" ...resigned March 4, 1897.
*: Marcus A. Hanna (1837-1904), "Republican" ...appointed to fill vacancy, March 5, 1897, subsequently elected.
*3: Joseph B. Foraker (1846-1917), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(21 seats)"
*ushr|Ohio|1|1: William B. Shattuc (1841-1911), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|2|2: Jacob H. Bromwell (1848-1924), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|3|3: John L. Brenner (1832-1906), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|4|4: George A. Marshall (1851-1899), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|5|5: David Meekison (1849-1915), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|6|6: Seth W. Brown (1841-1923), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|7|7: Walter L. Weaver (1851-1909), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|8|8: Archibald Lybrand (1840-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|9|9: James H. Southard (1851-1919), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|10|10: Lucien J. Fenton (1844-1922), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|11|11: Charles H. Grosvenor (1833-1917), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|12|12: John J. Lentz (1856-1931), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|13|13: James A. Norton (1843-1912), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|14|14: Winfield S. Kerr (1852-1917), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|15|15: Henry C. Van Voorhis (1852-1927), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|16|16: Lorenzo Danford (1829-1899), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|17|17: John A. McDowell (1853-1927), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|18|18: Robert W. Tayler (1852-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|19|19: Stephen A. Northway (1833-1898), "Republican" ...died September 18, 1898.
*: Charles W. F. Dick (1858-1945), "Republican" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated December 5, 1898.
*ushr|Ohio|20|20: Clifton B. Beach (1845-1902), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|21|21: Theodore E. Burton (1851-1929), "Republican"


*2: George W. McBride (1854-1911), "Republican"
*3: Joseph Simon (1851-1935), "Republican" ...elected to fill vacancy, October 8, 1898.:House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Oregon|1|1: Thomas H. Tongue (1844-1903), "Republican"
*ushr|Oregon|2|2: William R. Ellis (1850-1915), "Republican"


*1: Matthew S. Quay (1833-1904), "Republican"
*3: Boies Penrose (1860-1921), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(30 seats)"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|1|1: Henry H. Bingham (1841-1912), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|2|2: Robert Adams, Jr. (1849-1906), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|3|3: William McAleer (1838-1912), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|4|4: James R. Young (1847-1924), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|5|5: Alfred C. Harmer (1825-1900), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|6|6: Thomas S. Butler (1855-1928), "Independent Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|7|7: Irving P. Wanger (1852-1940), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|8|8: William S. Kirkpatrick (1844-1932), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|9|9: Daniel Ermentrout (1837-1899), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|10|10: Marriott Brosius (1843-1901), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|11|11: William Connell (1827-1909), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|12|12: Morgan B. Williams (1831-1903), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|13|13: Charles N. Brumm (1838-1917), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|14|14: Marlin E. Olmsted (1847-1913), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|15|15: James H. Codding (1849-1919), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|16|16: Horace B. Packer (1851-1940), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|17|17: Monroe H. Kulp (1858-1911), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|18|18: Thaddeus M. Mahon (1840-1916), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|19|19: George J. Benner (1859-1930), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|20|20: Josiah D. Hicks (1844-1923), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|21|21: Edward E. Robbins (1860-1919), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|22|22: John Dalzell (1845-1927), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|23|23: William A. Stone (1846-1920), "Republican" ...resigned November 9, 1898.
*: William H. Graham (1844-1923), "Republican" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated December 5, 1898.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|24|24: Ernest F. Acheson (1855-1917), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|25|25: Joseph B. Showalter (1851-1932), "Republican" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated May 3, 1897.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|26|26: John C. Sturtevant (1835-1912), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|27|27: Charles W. Stone (1843-1912), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|28|28: William C. Arnold (1851-1906), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|AL|A/L: Samuel A. Davenport (1834-1911), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|AL|A/L: Galusha A. Grow (1823-1907), "Republican"

Rhode Island

*1: Nelson W. Aldrich (1841-1915), "Republican"
*2: George P. Wetmore (1846-1921), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Rhode Island|1|1: Melville Bull (1854-1909), "Republican"
*ushr|Rhode Island|2|2: Adin B. Capron (1841-1911), "Republican"

outh Carolina

*2: Benjamin R. Tillman (1847-1918), "Democratic"
*3: Joseph H. Earle (1847-1897), "Democratic" ...died May 20, 1897.
*: John L. McLaurin (1860-1934), "Democratic" ...appointed to fill vacancy, June 1, 1897, subsequently elected.:House of Representatives "(7 seats)"
*ushr|South Carolina|1|1: William Elliott (1838-1907), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|2|2: William J. Talbert (1846-1931), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|3|3: Asbury C. Latimer (1851-1908), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|4|4: Stanyarne Wilson (1860-1928), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|5|5: Thomas J. Strait (1846-1924), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|6|6: John L. McLaurin (1860-1934), "Democratic" ...resigned May 31, 1897.
*: James Norton (1843-1920), "Democratic" ...elected to fill vacancy, seated December 6, 1897.
*ushr|South Carolina|7|7: J. William Stokes (1853-1901), "Democratic"

outh Dakota

*2: Richard F. Pettigrew (1848-1926), "Silver Republican"
*3: James H. Kyle (1854-1901), "Populist" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)" [ Both representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|South Dakota|AL|A/L: John E. Kelley (1853-1941), "Populist"
*ushr|South Dakota|AL|A/L: Freeman Knowles (1846-1910), "Populist"


*2: Isham G. Harris (1818-1897), "Democratic" ...died July 8, 1897.
*: Thomas B. Turley (1845-1910), "Democratic" ...appointed to fill vacancy, July 20, 1897, subsequently elected.
*1: William B. Bate (1826-1905), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(10 seats)"
*ushr|Tennessee|1|1: Walter P. Brownlow (1851-1910), "Republican"
*ushr|Tennessee|2|2: Henry R. Gibson (1837-1938), "Republican"
*ushr|Tennessee|3|3: John A. Moon (1855-1921), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|4|4: Benton McMillin (1845-1933), "Democratic" ...resigned January 16, 1899.
*ushr|Tennessee|5|5: James D. Richardson (1843-1914), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|6|6: John W. Gaines (1860-1926), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|7|7: Nicholas N. Cox (1837-1912), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|8|8: Thetus W. Sims (1852-1939), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|9|9: Rice A. Pierce (1848-1936), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|10|10: Edward W. Carmack (1858-1908), "Democratic"


*1: Roger Q. Mills (1832-1911), "Democratic"
*2: Horace Chilton (1853-1932), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(13 seats)"
*ushr|Texas|1|1: Thomas H. Ball (1859-1944), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|2|2: Samuel B. Cooper (1850-1918), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|3|3: Reese C. De Graffenreid (1859-1902), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|4|4: John W. Cranford (1862-1899), "Democratic" ...died March 2, 1899.
*ushr|Texas|5|5: Joseph W. Bailey (1862-1929), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|6|6: Robert E. Burke (1847-1901), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|7|7: Robert L. Henry (1864-1931), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|8|8: Samuel W. T. Lanham (1846-1908), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|9|9: Joseph D. Sayers (1841-1929), "Democratic" ...resigned January 19, 1899.
*ushr|Texas|10|10: Robert B. Hawley (1849-1921), "Republican"
*ushr|Texas|11|11: Rudolph Kleberg (1847-1924), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|12|12: James L. Slayden (1853-1924), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|13|13: John H. Stephens (1847-1924), "Democratic"


*1: Frank J. Cannon (1859-1933), "Silver Republican"
*3: Joseph L. Rawlins (1850-1926), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Utah|AL|A/L: William H. King (1863-1949), "Democratic"


*3: Justin S. Morrill (1810-1898), "Republican" ...died December 28, 1898.
*: Jonathan Ross (1826-1905), "Republican" ...appointed to fill vacancy, January 11, 1899.
*1: Redfield Proctor (1831-1908), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Vermont|1|1: H. Henry Powers (1835-1913), "Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|2|2: William W. Grout (1836-1902), "Republican"


*1: John W. Daniel (1842-1910), "Democratic"
*2: Thomas S. Martin (1847-1919), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(10 seats)"
*ushr|Virginia|1|1: William A. Jones (1849-1918), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|2|2: William A. Young (1860-1928), "Democratic" ...contested election, served until April 26, 1898.
*: Richard A. Wise (1843-1900), "Republican" ...contested election, seated April 26, 1898.
*ushr|Virginia|3|3: John Lamb (1840-1924), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|4|4: Sydney P. Epes (1865-1900), "Democratic" ...contested election, served until March 23, 1898.
*: Robert T. Thorp (1850-1938), "Republican" ...contested election, seated March 23, 1898.
*ushr|Virginia|5|5: Claude A. Swanson (1862-1939), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|6|6: Peter J. Otey (1840-1902), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|7|7: James Hay (1856-1931), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|8|8: John F. Rixey (1854-1907), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|9|9: James A. Walker (1832-1901), "Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|10|10: Jacob Yost (1853-1933), "Republican"


*1: John L. Wilson (1850-1912), "Republican"
*3: George Turner (1850-1932), "Silver Republican" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)" [ Both representatives were elected statewide on a general ticket.]
*ushr|Washington|AL|A/L: William C. Jones (1855-1927), "Silver Republican"
*ushr|Washington|AL|A/L: James Hamilton Lewis (1863-1939), "Democratic"

West Virginia

*1: Charles J. Faulkner (1847-1929), "Democratic"
*2: Stephen B. Elkins (1841-1911), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)"
*ushr|West Virginia|1|1: Blackburn B. Dovener (1842-1914), "Republican"
*ushr|West Virginia|2|2: Alston G. Dayton (1857-1920), "Republican"
*ushr|West Virginia|3|3: Charles P. Dorr (1852-1914), "Republican"
*ushr|West Virginia|4|4: Warren Miller (1847-1920), "Republican"


*1: John L. Mitchell (1842-1904), "Democratic"
*3: John C. Spooner (1843-1919), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(10 seats)"
*ushr|Wisconsin|1|1: Henry Allen Cooper (1850-1931), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|2|2: Edward Sauerhering (1864-1924), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|3|3: Joseph W. Babcock (1850-1909), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|4|4: Theobald Otjen (1851-1924), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|5|5: Samuel S. Barney (1846-1919), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|6|6: James H. Davidson (1858-1918), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|7|7: Michael Griffin (1842-1899), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|8|8: Edward S. Minor (1840-1924), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|9|9: Alexander Stewart (1829-1912), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|10|10: John J. Jenkins (1843-1911), "Republican"


*1: Clarence D. Clark (1851-1930), "Republican"
*2: Francis E. Warren (1844-1929), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Wyoming|AL|A/L: John E. Osborne (1858-1943), "Democratic"


:Arizona Territory
*ushr|Arizona|AL|A/L: Marcus A. Smith (1851-1924), "Democratic" :New Mexico Territory
*ushr|New Mexico|AL|A/L: Harvey Butler Fergusson (1848-1915), "Democratic" :Oklahoma Territory
*ushr|Oklahoma|AL|A/L: James Yancy Callahan (1852-1935), "Free Silver"



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*cite book|title = The Historical Atlas of United States Congressional Districts|last = Martis|first = Kenneth C.|authorlink =|coauthors =|year = 1982|publisher = Macmillan Publishing Company|location = New York|id =

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* [http://www.gpoaccess.gov/serialset/cdocuments/hd108-222/index.html Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress]
* [http://clerk.house.gov/art_history/house_history/index.html U.S. House of Representatives: House History]
* [http://www.senate.gov/pagelayout/reference/two_column_table/stats_and_lists.htm U.S. Senate: Statistics and Lists]

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