Wedding cake

Wedding cake

A wedding cake is the traditional cake served to the guests at a wedding reception (or in parts of England, at a wedding breakfast) after a wedding. In modern Western culture, it is usually a large cake, multi-layered or tiered, and heavily decorated with icing, occasionally over a layer of marzipan or fondant, topped with a small statue representing the couple. Other common motifs include doves, gold rings and horseshoes,Fact|date=June 2008 the latter symbolising good luck. Achieving a dense, strong cake that can support the decorations while remaining edible can be considered the epitome of the baker's art and skill. The average cost of a wedding cake in the U.S. in 2005 was $543. [ [ The Wedding Report] , market research from the Bridal Association of America, 2005. Retrieved August 16 2007.]

Tradition generally requires that the first cut of the cake be performed by bride and groom together. An older, archaic tradition had the bride serve all portions to the groom's family as a symbolic transfer of her household labor from her family to the groom's family. Fact|date=June 2008

A portion may be stored, and eaten by the couple at their first wedding anniversary, or at the christening of their first child. Sometimes this portion is the top tier, and sometimes a portion of the piece from which the bride and groom fed each other, depending on the local customs. The portion of the cake may be frozen for this purpose; the top tier of the cake may sometimes consist of fruitcake, Fact|date=May 2008 which could be stored for a great length of time.


The modern day image of a wedding cake comes from the physical appearance of the belltower of St. Bride's Church in the City of London, which resembles the conventional wedding cake. The church, designed and built by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire consists of four tiers, each getting smaller in size as it ascends. The idea comes from a baker, who was instructed to find inspiration for a cake that would serve for a wedding. He noticed St Bride's and chose the belltower design and baked a cake in a similar style.

Modern adaptations

Recently some Western weddings have started to use cupcakes or other individually sized dessert items in place of a larger tiered cake. These individual cakes are often arranged in tiers to represent the shape of the traditional tiered cake.

Wedding cake toppers are small models that sit on top of the cake, normally a representation of a bride and groom in formal wedding attire. This custom was dominant in US wedding in the 1950s where it represented togetherness.cite|author=Cele Otones and Elizabeth Pleck|title=Cinderella Dreams: The Allure of the Lavish Wedding|publisher=University of California Press|ISBN=0-520-24008-1|date=2003|page=124-125] Modern weddings have embraced more variety in design and significance. Wedding toppers today are often figures that indicate shared hobbies or other passions.

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* [ Cake Types and Information]

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