Brute (comics)

Brute (comics)

Brute, in comics, may refer to:

*Marvel Comics:
**Brute (Hank McCoy), a superhero who is an alternate reality version of the X-Men's Beast
**Brute (Morlocks), one of the lesser known Morlocks in the main Marvel universe
**Brute (Reed Richards), the name of an alternative universe version of Mister Fantastic who became a member of the Frightful Four in the main Marvel Universe
**Brute, one of the aliases of Ralphie Hutchins, a character from She-Hulk [comicbookdb|type=character|id=11644|title=Brute (Ralphie Hutchins)]

*DC Comics:
**Brute, a soldier character in the series "Hunter's Hellcats" [comicbookdb|type=character|id=13416|title=Brute (Hellcats)]
**Brute (Sandman), a character in the series "The Sandman"
**Brute, an antagonist who has appeared in Superman comics arresting him for the Tribunal Planet. He is the brother of Mope [comicbookdb|type=character|id=17926|title=Brute (DC Comics 3)]
**Brute, a villain and a member of the Extremists

*Brute (Atlas/Seaboard), a Hulk-like character from former Marvel Comics publisher Martin Goodman's Atlas/Seaboard Comics [comicbookdb|type=title|id=6415|title="The Brute"]
*Brute, an Image Comics character from Savage Dragon and a member of the Vicious Circle [comicbookdb|type=character|id=9071|title=Brute (Image Comics)]

ee also

*Brute (disambiguation)
*"Brute Force" (comics), a Marvel Comic title written by Simon Furman [comicbookdb|type=title|id=11147|title="Brute Force"]


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