Makran Coastal Highway

Makran Coastal Highway

Coordinates: 25°40′34″N 66°36′33″E / 25.67611°N 66.60917°E / 25.67611; 66.60917

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Makran Coastal Highway
Route information
Maintained by NHA
Length: 653 km (406 mi)
Existed: 2004 – present
History: Started in 2002. Completed in 2004.
Major junctions
East end: Karachi
West end: Gwadar
Major cities: Karachi, Ormara, Pasni, Gwadar
Highway system

National Highways of Pakistan
Motorways of Pakistan

Makran Coastal Highway is a 653 km-long coastal highway along Pakistan's Arabian Sea coastline. It runs primarily through Balochistan province between Karachi and Gwadar, passing near the port towns of Ormara and Pasni.

The official and technical designation of the Makran Coastal Highway is N10, which is the abbreviation for National Highway 10.



Prior to the construction of the Makran Coastal Highway in 2004, the port city of Karachi was linked to the port town of Gwadar via an uncarpeted "jeep" or "dirt" track. The journey between Karachi and Gwadar used to take at least two days and took a heavy toll on the "wear and tear" of vehicles. It was considered preferable to take the safer but longer route via Quetta.

After completion of the Makran Coastal Highway, the average journey time between Karachi and Gwadar has been reduced to only 6 to 7 hours and transportation costs have also been reduced.

The Makran Coastal Highway was conceived and built by the Government of Pakistan with the following objectives:

  • To develop infrastructure and boost economic activity in the areas along Pakistan's coastline
  • To improve the transportation and communications infrastructure in Balochistan province
  • To develop the coastal towns of Ormara, Pasni and Gwadar into major port cities
  • To link Ormara, Pasni and Gwadar with the rest of Pakistan's national highways network
  • To develop the seafood industry along Pakistan's coastline by reducing the time and costs involved in transporting fresh seafood from seafood catchment areas to major cities in Pakistan as well as export processing zones in Karachi and Gwadar


The construction contract for the Makran Coastal Highway was awarded to Pakistan's Frontier Works Organisation (FWO), which built the Karakorum Highway.

Construction work on the Makran Coastal Highway Project commenced in 2002 and was completed by 14 December 2004, in a period of three years.[1]

Management and maintenance

The Makran Coastal Highway is managed and maintained by Pakistan's National Highway Authority.


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