The Magicians of Xanth

The Magicians of Xanth

The Magicians of Xanth are mostly humans with the most powerful magical talents. With such powerful talents, they are the only people who qualify to be the King of Human Xanth. Female Magicians are also called Sorceresses.


The eighteenth king of Xanth
The Magician of Storms, King of Xanth prior to King Trent. He was an old and senile man who refused to admit that he was old and senile. He died of old age in the first Xanth book. He has never been featured as a prominent character in a Xanth book.


Served as king pro-tem during Trent's reign.
The first known centaur magician. His talent is to create an aisle of magic in Mundania, and can create an aisle of non-magic while carrying reverse wood in Xanth. He was banished from Centaur Isle when his talent was exposed. He was a main character in "Centaur Aisle".


Served as king pro-tem during Trent's reign.
first=A Spell for Chameleon
last=Zombie Lover
talent=Magical Invulnerability
occupation=Official researcher of the Magic of Xanth
The Magician of Magical Invulnerability, Bink was the main character in the first two novels, "A Spell for Chameleon" and "The Source of Magic". He is the son of Roland of the High Council and Bianca. Later in the series, he makes a rejuvenated appearance in "Zombie Lover". The later books are taken over by his magician-caliber family members.

At one point he gets banished for not possessing a magic talent. To prevent the exposure of its existence, his talent prefers to work in roundabout ways, at one time sucking him through a whirlpool to avoid a field of magic that kills on contact, for example. If the exact nature of his talent were known, then he would be vulnerable to those who want to attack him through non-magic means - thus making (his own) magic the indirect cause of his injury. So his talent is kept hidden by the select few who know it. It also makes him a lucky man in a series of rather bizarre and dangerous coincidences (almost breaking his ankle after tripping on a rock to escape from the Gap Dragon).


Bink's power prevents anyone from acting against his interests through magical means. This includes protecting himself from magical harm of any kind. His power cleverly conceals itself by acting through coincidence and also keeps Bink's loved ones from harm. There are only a few people (very clever people) who have ascertained the nature of his talent. "Bink's talent is the most wonderful and devious talent in Xanth".

When Bink freed the Demon X(A/N)th, the magic of Xanth, which poured from his slumbering body into the land, left with him. Bink's power caused X(A/N)th to return and take up permanent residence in Xanth, restoring the magic. Bink promised X(A/N)th the Shieldstone for undisturbed study and X(A/N)th granted all of Bink's descendants Magician-Caliber talents.


*"The Source of Magic" - In the second book, the stork delivered Dor to Bink and Chameleon. Bink also discovered the Demon X(A/N)th in that book on an adventure with his friends Chester The Centaur and Crombie The Soldier. Along the way he meets many more recurring characters including The Gorgon, The Siren, Grundy The Golem, Jewel The Nymph, Jonathan The Zombie Master, The Brain Coral, Crunch The Ogre, Chet Centaur, and others. Bink and his friends overcame many obstacles to find the source of magic. When they found it, it was revealed that the source was a demon named X(A/N)th who was in an astral competition for recognition with Neptune, Earth, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Venus, etc. Despite the protests of the Brain Coral, Bink released the demon who took back all the magic he had let seep out of him, which gave Xanth its magic, leaving Xanth just as drear as Mundania. Bink, The Brain Coral, Chester Centaur, Cherie Centaur, The Good Magician Humfrey, Chet Centaur, Grundy The Golem, and Jewel The Nymph managed to convince him to return magic back to Xanth in return for reinstating the magic barrier around the demon to keep people from bothering him while he was studying. The demon also gave Bink whatever he most wanted. He couldn't think of what it was but the demon already knew and made it come true. From then on all of Bink's descendants would have magician-caliber magic including his son Dor and his granddaughter Ivy.
*"Castle Roogna" - In the third book, "Castle Roogna", his son Dor took over the series from Bink. Bink was featured in the book in several flashback sequences where Bink taught Dor vital information on life.
*"Night Mare" - Bink finally returned in the sixth Xanth book, "Night Mare", where he was finally recognized as having Magician-caliber magic when he was forced to admit its nature to everyone so he could be the next King of Xanth in the Next Wave after King Trent, King Dor, King Jonathan The Zombie Master, and Good Magician King Humfrey had been ensorcelled by The Horseman.
*"Golem in The Gears" - In the ninth Xanth book, "Golem in The Gears", Bink travelled with his old friend Chester Centaur, Grundy The Golem, and Snortimer, the monster under Ivy's bed, in search of the Ivory Tower to save Stanley Steamer AKA The Gap Dragon, Ivy's friend. They picked up several travelers along the way including a young woman named EmJay who is compiling a lexicon of Xanth along with her companion and right hand Ass, MiKe who is a Mundane donkey, and a succubus. Later, Bink was instrumental, with his knowledge of Mundane things, in getting the group out of a trap set up by the Com-Pewter. After two weeks, Bink and Chester had to head back home to their wives and they left the journey. However, Bink did make many stops to alert people that Grundy might need help along the way, and, thanks to his power's mysterious way of coincidentally aiding him, or others if he wills it, these people arrived in just the right time in a coincidental way to help Grundy. Some of the people included Jordan The Barbarian and his wife Threnody.


Her talent allows her to know anything about the animate. She is the daughter of Dolph and Electra. She and her twin Eve were in the book "Faun & Games".


The Magician of metamorphosis, Dolph is the son of Dor and Irene. His talent is complementary to his grandfather King Emeritus Trent's, and grew in versatility as he matured. His first transformation was that of a wolf while still in his baby carriage. He was once engaged to both Nada Naga and Electra, but eventually chose to marry Electra. He has twin sorceress daughters: Dawn and Eve .He is sworn, by the Simurgh , to protect Che Centaur along with all other winged monsters. He starred in "Heaven Cent" and "Isle of View".


The twentieth king of Xanth
Served as king pro-tem during Trent's reign.
To Magician Dor's Page

Dor is the son of Bink and Chameleon. He is of Magician class and has the power to make inanimate objects talk. This includes rocks, clouds, water, bones, and any other non living thing. He is King of Xanth and is married to Princess Irene. The stork delivered two children to them, Princess Ivy and Prince Dolph. A third child princess Ida will also enter the brood on account of her magical talent. He starred in the Xanth books "Castle Roogna", "Centaur Aisle", and "Night Mare".


The sixteenth king of Xanth
Ebnez became king in the year 909. His talent was to adapt magical inanimate items. He is the husband of Mnem and the father of the Muses. His most famous work was adapting a stone which created a magical field around the entire land of Xanth, impenetrable from either side. This was removed by order of King Trent.

See also The family of Ebnez of Xanth.


The fourteenth king of Xanth
Elona became king in the year 797. She was the second female king and magician of longevity.


Her talent allows her to know anything about the inanimate. She is the daughter of Dolph and Electra. She and her twin Dawn were characters in "Faun & Games".


The Magician of null magic, Grey is the son of Evil Magician Murphy and Neo-Sorceress Vadne and husband of Sorceress Ivy, who rescued him from Mundania in the novel "Man from Mundania". Their children are the Triplet Sorceresses Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm.He can nullify any magic near him, and restore it stronger than before. On Ptero, one of Ida's moons, an older Grey is known as Royal Consort, since he is married to future King Ivy. This was only for one book, however, because the normal king on Ptero was indisposed.


The tenth king of Xanth
Gromden became king in the year 623. His talent was to divine the history of any object he touched. He was married to a curse fiend but had an affair with Demoness Metria which produced their daughter Threnody.


The seventeenth king of Xanth
Served as king pro-tem during Trent's reign.
The Magician of Information, Good Magician Humfrey is withered, old, gnome of a man with five and a half wives. His talent is purportedly to know the answer to every question. In actuality, his talent is to know where to find the answer to every question. As such, he uses various forms of divination to discover the actual answers. He's been featured in all but two books of the Xanth series and it's a staple of those books for the characters to get past the three obstacles Humfrey always sets up for visitors to prove their worthiness of taking up his valuable time to ask a question. Good Magician Humfrey is instrumental in every Xanth book but was a main character in "The Source of Magic" and starred in "Question Quest". In four of the books he was missing and others went out to search for him, but was found by Lacuna. He will serve as king again during the Nextwave invasion. In Question Quest, it was revealed that Humfrey knows about the existence of the characters in Anthony's other books, e.g., Stile being the Blue Adept or Zane being Thanatos in "On a Pale Horse". In "Heaven Cent", it is implied that Humfrey's actual magical talent may be no more than that of locating other magic that may be of use to him. Though probably not magical talents, he does have extreme curiosity and a (usually) very good memory, which through the course of his life led him to become a master of information, as he recounted in Question Quest. Further, he recounted that he had believed that his native magical talents were not magician-class, and that he attended Demon University and gained a degree in magic, so that he could deserve the Magician appellation, by which he had already become known.


The Sorceress of the idea. Any idea posited to her comes true, with stipulations. First, she must believe that it will come true (as it usually does), and second, the idea must come from a person who does not know her talent. In the first book in which she appeared, "The Color of Her Panties", Ida was revealed to be the lost twin of Princess Ivy. However, this may have been the result of her talent - whatever the case, it remains true. More recently, a small moon has begun orbiting her head. It is named Ptero, and contains every person who ever existed, exist, will exist, or might exist in Xanth. The Ida on Ptero has another moon (Pyramid) where the inhabitants use a barter system that results in givers gaining size and receivers losing size. This Ida has Torus, who has Cone, who has Dumbbell and so on. This continues into infinity, with each moon having different shapes, inhabitants, and rules. The exact sequence of planets has only been revealed up to nine, however they have traveled further in canon. In this manner, Ida is the caretaker of every idea conceivable (and a good many that aren't). Because of her moons, and the "blessing" her talent can confer, a visit to Princess Ida has become almost mandatory in the later Xanth books.


Served as king pro-tem during Trent's reign.
The Sorceress of Plants, Irene is the daughter of Trent and Iris and mother of Ivy, Ida and Dolph. She is renowned for her great beauty, green hair, and matching panties. She is married to Dor, and takes no guff from inanimate objects. She also has a reputation as a stern mother. She starred in "Centaur Aisle" and "Dragon on a Pedestal". In addition, during the Next Wave invasion of "Night Mare", Irene succeeded her mother as Xanth's second female King in known history. She used her power over plants to erect a massive arboreal defense perimeter around Castle Roogna. Her talent was not considered Magician level until Arnold Centaur decreed it so during his reign as King of Xanth.


Served as king pro-tem during Trent's reign.
first=A Spell for Chameleon
last=Geis of the Gargoyle
occupation=Emeritus Queen of Xanth
Iris is a secondary entity in the Xanth Universe, but a very important one. She is said to have a wonderfully deviously mind full of intelligence. She is married to Trent. The Sorceress of Illusion, Iris is a former queen and king of Xanth. She is married to King Trent and is the mother of Queen Irene. She is the grandmother of Princess Ivy and Prince Dolph and the great grandmother of Dawn, Eve, Harmony, Melody, and Rhythm. In "A Spell for Chameleon", she attempted to seduce Bink but was turned down. Her illusions extend to all five senses, and any illusory light that she creates is indistinguishable from light produced by a corporeal source. Iris starred in "A Spell for Chameleon" and "Night Mare". In the latter she became the first known female King of Xanth during the Next Wave invasion (although several books later it is revealed that there were previous female kings). During the Next Wave invasion, she used her power of illusion to manifest her image at every location in Xanth in order to coordinate emergency efforts among the populace. Later in the series, she makes a rejuvenated appearance in "Geis of the Gargoyle".


Iris's Illusions appeal to all five senses. She can even render invisibility and silence. After creating an illusion she can hold it with minimal effort. While inside of magic her illusions can extend a short distance outside of magic.

Iris made a plate of rice look, smell, and taste like dragon steak for Bink. After recreating the city of Stone Hinge, she held it with hardly any effort, even in her sleep. When her daughter, Sorceress Irene, married Magician Dor, Iris clothed every one in attendance in the illusion of zombies.


The Sorceress of Enhancement, Ivy is the daughter of Dor and Irene. She has blonde hair with a tinge of green (from her mother). As a result of the events of "Night Mare", it is understood that she is slated to be the next King of Xanth. She starred in "Dragon on a Pedestal", "", and "Man from Mundania". She is married to Magician Grey. Their children are the Triplet Sorceresses Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm.


The sixth king of Xanth
Served as king pro-tem during Trent's reign.
Jonathan became king in the year 378. He reigned until 478. The magician of zombies, Jonathan reanimates the dead of the land of Xanth. He was a zombie when he first took the throne, but was later brought back to life. He is the son of King Merlin and Sorceress Tapis. He is married to Millie the Ghost and has twin children named Hiatus and Lacuna. He starred in the books "Castle Roogna" and "Night Mare". He served as king two more times as king pro-tem for Dor in "Centaur Aisle" and again during the Nextwave invasion in "Night Mare".

Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm

The Triplet Sorceresses, their ability is to create or enable anything they envision while playing music. Their powers are squared when two play together, and cubed when all three played. They are the daughters of Ivy and Grey.


The first king of Xanth
Merlin became king in the year 204. His talent is Knowledge. He is the first king of Xanth, husband of Tapis, father of Jonathan and Taplin.

See also The family of Merlin of Xanth.

Muerte A. Fid

The twelfth king of Xanth
His talent was alchemy. He killed Yin-Yang and Yin-Yang's son, Lord Bliss who was Rose's father.


Served as king pro-term during Dor's reign.
The Magician who Makes Things Go Wrong. Murphy first appeared in "Castle Roogna" in a competition to determine the next king; to win, he had to prevent the construction of the titular castle. He lost to Roogna. He was sealed away in the Brain Coral's pool and escaped during the Time of No Magic with Sorceress Vadne in a flashback scene in "Man from Mundania". The two raised a son in Mundania, Grey, who turned out to be a Magician as well. He was allowed to return to Xanth on the condition that he would use his power against the monarchy's enemies. He has served as king pro-term during Dor's reign.


The ninth king of Xanth
He is the magician who brings golems to life.


The eighth king of Xanth
His talent is bringing paintings to life.


He is a magician who can create invisible and unfeelable walls that can stop any creature from passing. He is the one who has created most of the enchanted paths in Xanth. He was cursed to create the enchanted paths until he was thanked. He is introduced in "Cube Route" where his curse was finally broken.


The thirteenth king of Xanth
He was the magician of herbalism. His uncle was Muerte A. Fid.


The third king of Xanth
Rana became king in the year 286. She reigned until 325. She was the first female king of Xanth and the magician of creation. She is the mother of Rune.


The fourth king of Xanth
Reitas became king in the year 325. He reigned until 350. He was the magician of solving problems, however, he caused as many as he solved.


A centaur magician whose talent is to know the talents of others. He is introduced in "Xone of Contention".


The second king of Xanth
Roogna became king in the year 228 and reigned until 286. His talent is to adapt living magic. Roogna is responsible for the construction and features of the castle which bears his name, Castle Roogna, which becomes home to the monarchy of Xanth after being rediscovered in the first Xanth novel, "A Spell for Chameleon". Many of his creations, such as the cherry bomb trees, still survive on the castle grounds. He is the husband of Taplin, Merlin's daughter.


The fifth king of Xanth
Rune became king in the year 350. He reigned until 378. He was the magician of evocation and son of Rana.

ea Hag

She is the sorceress of immortality. When she dies, she can take over any body she wishes, male or female. She is introduced in "Golem in the Gears" and reappears in "Question Quest" and "The Dastard".


He is the magician of reversal who arrived as part of the Black Wave. He is married to Clio. He adopted Ciriana. He was introduced in "Demons Don't Dream" and seen again in "Currant Events".


The Sorceress of talents, Surprise can use any talent imaginable once and only once. She is the child of Grundy Golem and Rapunzel, so named because the stork surprisingly didn't bring Surprise until she was five years old. In "The Dastard", she found out that she could in fact use talents again after a lengthy recharge, but the Dastard saw how happy she was and went back in time and successfully prevented her from finding this out. She starred in "Geis of the Gargoyle", and was instrumental in restoring the Interface around Xanth.


He is the magician of talents. He lives in the the Gourd. He is introduced in "Up In A Heaval".


The Sorceress of Tapestry. She had the talent of creating enchanted tapestries, such as the one in Castle Roogna. She was the wife of Merlin and the Mother of Jonathan and Taplin.


The nineteenth king of Xanth
first=A Spell for Chameleon
last=Geis of the Gargoyle
occupation=Emeritus King of Xanth
Trent Has been a major entity in the Xanth series since the very beginning. Not only is he a very powerful magician, he is also a great King and a honorable, intelligent man. He is married to Iris.

King Trent used to be referred to as the Evil Magician for attempting to take over the throne prior to "A Spell for Chameleon". Trent was exiled to Mundania but later helped accidentally back into Xanth by Bink and Chameleon. After The Storm King died, Trent was made king on the condition that he marry Iris of Illusion. He did so but only out of convenience. It took Trent over twenty years to recover from the loss of his first wife and son to Mundane illness in Mundania. Eventually though, Trent came to love Iris. He stepped down as king in the 6th Xanth novel, "Night Mare", after which Bink's son Prince Dor became the new King of Xanth with Trent's daughter Irene. He lives in quiet retirement in North Village. Trent was instrumental in all of the first six Xanth books but was featured as a main character in "A Spell for Chameleon" and "Centaur Aisle". Later in the series, he makes a rejuvenated appearance in "Harpy Thyme". He remaines one of the only people that grasps Bink's extraordinary talent.


Trent's power allows him to transform any living thing into any other living thing. Whatever form he renders becomes ones "natural"form. Any offspring sired while in a form will be in that form.

For Bink's Source of Magic quest Trent transformed Crombie into a griffin. While in the Magic Dust Village a female griffin summoned the stork with Crombie and the child was a griffin.


She is the sorceress of topology (changing the shape of something, but not the size, mass, or intrinsic properties). Her husband is Murphy, and mother of Grey. Her talent was not considered magician level until Dor decreed it.


The seventh king of Xanth
Vortex became king in the year 478. He is the magician of demon summoning.


The fifteenth king of Xanth
He was a ghost when he took the throne and his talent was making ghosts.


The eleventh king of Xanth
His talent was the creation of invokable spells of both good and evil alignment depending on who he "was". In his attempts to take over Xanth in the book "", he used a faux split personality taking the form of the twins Yin, the good magician, and Yang, the evil magician. They only created spells of the type associated with their respective personalities: good or evil. Chosen by Threnody and briefly married to her, Yang became ruler. After she killed herself because she was miserable, he remarried and had a son, Lord Bliss.

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