Harry Steppe

Harry Steppe

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death_date = November 22, 1934
death_place = New York, NY
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Harry Steppe (born Abraham Stepner, March 1888 – November 22, 1934) was a Jewish-American actor, comedian and hobo clown who worked in Vaudeville and Burlesque. Harry coined such terms as "Razzle Dazzle," "Top Banana"1 (the headliner or top act on the bill), and "Second Banana." As one of Bud Abbott's first partners2, Harry introduced Bud to Lou Costello in 1934.

Born in Moscow3 to Russian immigrant Orthodox Jewish parents, Harry was often billed as a Hebrew or Jewish-dialect comedian. His gags and skits were also performed by such well-known comedians as Phil Silvers, The Three Stooges, and Abbott and Costello. Although Harry had penned the "Pokomoko" (aka Niagara Falls) Routine ("Slowly I Turned, step by step, inch by inch...")" and performed it with The Three Stooges, other writers, including fellow Vaudevillians Joey Faye and Samuel Goldman each laid claim to the skit, too. "Lifting" routines from another performer was standard operating procedure in the early-to-mid 20th century, and the famed routine was performed, without originator credit, by...
*The Three Stooges in the movie "Gents Without Cents" (1944)
*Abbott and Costello in the movie "Lost in a Harem" (1944)
*Lucille Ball in the TV show "I Love Lucy" (1951), Season #1, Episode #19 ("The Ballet")
*Abbott and Costello on TV in "The Abbott and Costello Show" (1952-1953)

Phil Silvers credited Harry with "introducing the phrase "Top Banana" into show business jargon in 1927 as a synonym for the top comic on the bill. It rose out of a routine, full of doubletalk, in which three comics tried to share two bananas."4 Silvers further popularized the term "Top Banana" in his 1951 Broadway musical and 1954 film of the same name.

Harry performed at several well-known theatres on the Orpheum Circuit. According to a Loew's Weekly Theatre Program, in a June 18, 1928 performance at the Loew's Theatre in New York, he was billed with Lola Pierce. Reportedly, Lola was an actress he was linked to romantically. Other paramours of Harry Steppe included Vaudeville performers Victoria "Vic" Dayton (whom he apparently married)5, Edna Raymond and Leona St. Clair


Pulmonary edema contributed to Abe's death, according to his death certificate. He was at Bellevue Hospital in New York, New York for two days and had been ill for a month, according to a story in Variety magazine, Nov. 27, 1934. Abe Stepner's obituary appears under "Feature News," Billboard magazine, Dec. 1, 1934, pg 5.

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* "Burlesque Houses Open," The New York Times, Sunday, August 9, 1914, Page X6. Excerpt: "The Murray Hill Theater will reopen Saturday night with a new burlesque show called "The Girls from the Follies," of which Harry Steppe is the principal comedian."
* "Burlesque Season On; The Columbia and the Murray Hill Are at It Again," The New York Times, Section: Summer Resorts, Sunday, August 16, 1914, pg. X7. Excerpt: "The Murray Hill Theater opened last night with a brand-new burlesque show called "The Girls from the Follies," and this attraction will be continued through the present week. A large company of entertainers, headed by Harry Steppe, a Hebrew comedian of more than ordinary ability, succeeds in keeping the spectators in a happy frame of mind throughout the performance."
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* The American Burlesque Show, by Irving Zeidman, Hawthorn Books, 1967. Excerpts: "The most prominent of the later "Hebe" comics was Harry Steppe, who, ill and destitute in 1935, was the beneficiary of the Harry Steppe Fund, to which many famous stage personalities contributed. (Page 102)" "Harry Steppe had to be the recipient of a public benefit. (Page 215)"
* "Lou's on First: The Tragic Life of Hollywood's Greatest Clown Warmly Recounted by His Youngest Child," by Chris Costello, St. Martin's Griffin, 1982, pg.23. ISBN 0-312-49914-0. Excerpt: "Backstage between shows Bud would do skits with Dad (Lou) that he had done with Harry Steppe -- a very clever Jewish comedian who was the creator of the famous "Lemon Bit," which was to be so successful for Bud and Dad (Lou) as a team."
* "Really The Blues," by Mezz Mezzrow and Bernard Wolfe, Citadel Press (Trade Paper), 1990, pg.27. ISBN 0-8065-1205-9. Excerpt: "You could see most of the celebrities of the day, colored and white, hanging around the De Luxe. Bill Robinson, the burlesque comedian Harry Steppe, comedian Benny Davis, Joe Frisco, Al Jolson, Sophie Tucker, Blossom Seeley, a lot of Ziegfeld Follies actors..."

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* [http://bibnum2.banq.qc.ca/bna/axe//fp/1924/p1113.htm "The Prime Minister of Mirth"] A publicity photo of Harry Steppe on the front page of short-lived Montreal tabloid, The Axe, in 1924.
* [http://www.geocities.com/harrysteppe/bib.htm Newspaper Articles] Mentioning Harry Steppe
* [http://news.google.com/archivesearch?q=%22harry+steppe%22&btnG=Search+Archives&num=20&lr=lang_en&as_ldate=1888&as_hdate=1934&lr=lang_en Google News] Archive Search for "Harry Steppe"
* [http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:3GPtbhO9HaUJ:www.cityofboston.gov/environment/pdfs/gaiety.pdf+Harry+Steppe+Dancing+Around+Columbia+Burlesque Gaiety Theater Study Report] , Boston Landmarks Commission, City of Boston, pg. 51, cites Harry as performing in the stage show "Harry Steppe's OK" (1926)
* [http://www.vegparadise.com/highestperch42.html Bananas in Entertainment] , cites Harry as originator of "Top Banana." Citation derived from newspapers and playbills in the Harvard Theater Collection.

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