Baron Audley

Baron Audley

The title Baron Audley was first created on 8 January 1313 by writ in the Peerage of England. The eleventh baron was created Earl of Castlehaven. The second earl was attainted of felony and executed, forfeiting the barony, but not the (Irish) earldom. His son was allowed to inherit it in 1678 by a bill of Parliament, and the barony and earldom remained united until the death of the eighth earl, when the earldom became extinct, and the barony went to George Thicknesse, later Thicknesse-Tuchet. In 1997, the title went into abeyance, and remains there to this day.

The title of "Baron Audley" was created a second time on 20 November 1317, again by writ of summons, for Hugh Audley. Upon his death in 1347, the barony became dormant: his only daughter and heir married Ralph Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford and the "de jure" barony passed with the Earldom until 1521, when Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham was attainted.

Barons Audley (1313)

*Nicholas Audley, 1st Baron Audley (c. 1289–1316)
*James Audley, 2nd Baron Audley (1312–1386)
*Nicholas Audley, 3rd Baron Audley (c. 1328–1391) (abeyant 1391)
*John Tuchet, 4th Baron Audley (1371–1408) (abeyance terminated 1408 (or 1403?))
*James Tuchet, 5th Baron Audley (c. 1398–1459)
*John Tuchet, 6th Baron Audley (d. 1490)
*James Tuchet, 7th Baron Audley (c. 1463–1497) (forfeit 1497)
*John Tuchet, 8th Baron Audley (c. 1483–1558) (restored 1512)
*George Tuchet, 9th Baron Audley (d. 1560)
*Henry Tuchet, 10th Baron Audley (d. 1563)
*George Tuchet, 1st Earl of Castlehaven (1551–1617)
*Mervyn Tuchet, 2nd Earl of Castlehaven (1593–1631) (forfeit 1631)
*James Tuchet, 3rd Earl of Castlehaven (c. 1617–1684) (restored 1678)
*Mervyn Tuchet, 4th Earl of Castlehaven (d. 1686)
*James Tuchet, 5th Earl of Castlehaven (d. 1700)
*James Tuchet, 6th Earl of Castlehaven (d. 1740)
*James Tuchet, 7th Earl of Castlehaven (1723–1769)
*John Tuchet, 8th Earl of Castlehaven (1724–1777)
*George Thicknesse, 19th Baron Audley (1758–1818)
*George John Thicknesse-Touchet, 20th Baron Audley (1783–1837)
*George Edward Thicknesse-Touchet, 21st Baron Audley (1817–1872) (abeyant 1872)
*Mary Thicknesse-Touchet, 22nd Baroness Audley (1858–1942) (abeyance terminated 1937)
*Thomas Percy Henry Touchet-Jesson, 23rd Baron Audley (1913–1963)
*Rosina Lois Veronica MacNamee, 24th Baroness Audley (1911–1973)
*Richard Michael Thomas Souter, 25th Baron Audley (1914–1997) (abeyant 1997)

Co-heiresses: The Hon. Mrs. McKinnon (1946– ), The Hon. Mrs. Carrington (1948– ), and The Hon. Amanda Souter (1958– ), daughters of the 25th Baron.

Barons Audley (1317)

*Hugh Audley, 1st Baron Audley (d. 1347)
*Margaret Audley, "de jure" 2nd Baroness Audley, married Ralph Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford

ee also

*Baron Audley of Hely
*Baron Audley of Orier
*Baron Audley of Walden
*Baron Tuchet


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