Glacial Lake Minong

Glacial Lake Minong

Glacial Lake Minong was a proglacial lake that formed in the Lake Superior basin during the Wisconsin glaciation around 10,000 B.P. (Before Present). This was the last glacial advance that entered Michigan and only covered part of the upper peninsula. Lake Minong occurred in the eastern corner of the Lake Superior basin while Lake Duluth was in the western end. The lakes became separated when the glacier reached the upper peninsula. Lake Minong expanded to the north as the ice retreated after 9,800 B.P. When the ice retreated from the Keweenaw Peninsula, Lake Duluth merged into Lake Minong.

The image on this page is obsolete. Lake Sheguiandah and Lake Minong were not merged. The former, a phase of the Lake Huron basin, occurred around 10,200 B.P., early in the Marquette phase advance, was lower than Minong, and the two were connected by an early version of the St. Marys River at Sault Ste. Marie.

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* [ "Post-Valders Lake Stages in the Lake Superior Basin"] , in [ "Glacial and Postglacial Geologic History of Isle Royale National Park, Michigan"] by N. King Huber, USGS Geological Survey Professional Paper 754-A

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