Aemilia can indicate several people and places in Classical history:

* Aemilia, a vestal virgin who, when the sacred fire was extinguished on one occasion, prayed to Vesta for assistance, and mira­culously rekindled it by throwing a piece of her garment upon the extinct embers. [Dionys. ii. 68] [Valerius Maximus, i. 1. §7]
* Aemilia Tertia, the third daughter of Lucius Aemilius Paullus, and wife of Scipio Africanus.
* Aemilia, the third daughter of Lucius Aemilius Paulus Macedonicus was a little girl when her father was appointed consul a second time to conduct the war against Perseus of Macedon. Upon returning home after his election he found her in tears, and upon inquiring the reason she told him that Perseus had died, which was the name of her dog; whereupon he exclaimed "I accept the omen," and regarded it as a pledge of his success in the war. [Cicero, "De Divinatione" i. 46, ii. 40] [Plutarch, "Aemilius Paulus" 10]
* Aemilia Lepida, female members of the gens Aemilius, a patrician family of ancient Rome.
* Aemilia, a vestal virgin who was put to death in 114 BC for having committed incest on several occasions. She induced two of the other vestal virgins, Marcia and Licinia, to commit the same crime, but these two were acquitted by the pontifices when Aemilia was condemned, but were subsequently condemned by the praetor L. Cassius. [Plutarch, "Quaest. Rom." p. 284] [Livy, "Epit." 63] [Orosius, v. 15] [Ascon. "in Cic. Mil." p. 467 ed. Orelli]
* Aemilia (province), a Roman province
* Aemilia (tribe), a Roman tribe
* Via Aemilia, a Roman road

Aemilia can also mean:

* Aemilia (moth), a moth genus
* 159 Aemilia, an asteroid
* Aemilia (1632), a Dutch warship

See also

* Amelia
* Emilia


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