Khammam district

Khammam district

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Khammam District (Telugu: ఖమ్మం జిల్లా, Hindi: खम्मम जिले) is a district in Andhra Pradesh, India. It had a population of 2,565,412 [ ] of which 19.81% were urban as of 2001. Khammam is the district headquarters. The present name of Khammam is said to have been derived from the name of the temple 'Narsimhadri', later 'Stamba Sikhari' and then it was termed as 'Stambadhri'Fact|date=May 2007. The name of the town Khammam seems to have been derived from the name of this hill of Kamba and the district is named as Khammam.

Formation of the district

Khammam town which was the seat of Taluk Administration was a part of the larger Warangal District, till 1st October, 1953. Five taluks of the Warangal district viz., Khammam, Madhira, Yellandu, Burgampadu and Paloncha (Now Kothagudem) were carved out as a new district with Khammam as headquarters.

In 1959 Bhadrachalam Revenue Division consisting Bhadrachalam and Nuguru Venkatapuram Taluks of East Godavari district, which were on the other side of the river Godavari were merged into Khammam on grounds of geographical contiguity and administrative viability.

In 1973 a new taluk with Sathupalli as headquarters was formed carving out from Madhira and Kothagudem taluks. In the year 1976 four new taluks were formed viz., Tirumalayapalem, Sudimalla, Aswaraopeta and Manuguru by bifurcating Khammam, Yellandu, Kothagudem and Burgampadu taluks respectively. In the year 1985, following the introduction of the Mandal system the district has been divided into 46 mandals, in four Revenue Divisions - Khammam, Kothagudem, Paloncha and Bhadrachalam.


The district, which had a population of 8,12,993 when it was formed, has about 25,62,412 as per 2001 census. The density has grown from 51 to 160 per km². Out of the total population of the district there are 12,99,245 males and 12,66,167 females. Among them there are about 3,60,154 SCs 5,58,958 STs. About 80% of the population is living in villages. The sex ratio is 974 females for every 1000 male population in villages and about 977 females for 1000 males in the urban areas. The child population of the district in the age group of 0-6 years is 3,37,459. Sex ratio in the child population in the age group 0-6, 968 female in rural areas 971 female in urban areas.

The traditions of people have in Khammam district is a conglomeration of mosaic culture representing Hindus, Muslims and Christians. There are sizable number of scheduled tribes, who constitutes an integral part of Hindu community. Among tribes, koyas, lambadas constitute sizable population. The tribal people still follow their own traditions and customs in their social life.


The Khammam district has a tribal population of 5,58,958, which is about 13.29% of the total tribal population of the state. Out of the total (46) mandals about (29) mandals are populated by tribals groups like, Koyas, Lambadas and Kondareddis and about (2) mandals are partially populated by tribes.


The meaning of Koya is “a good person living on the hills”. About 6,00,000 tribal people live in the Dandakaranya forests . Out of them Koyas constitute about 80%. In general, Koyas are short statured, lean and rather diffident. They speak koya language which does not have a script. They do not own much property and the crime rates in Koya communities are generally low. Alcohol consumption is permitted among both men & women. They brew a special flower called Ippa grown abundantly in these forests.

Konda Reddis

Konda Reddis live in thick forests and high mountains. They speak an ancient Telugu, which is full of proverbs. In general, they are reserved and shy and often do not trust people from the plains. They are good craftsmen, who use Bamboo to make a variety of baskets and other items.


They are called by different names like Lambadas, Sugalies, Banjaras. They often dress in colourful clothes, which are studded with mirrors, beads and other decorative items. Men wear head turbans and many sport thick moustache. The men also often tattoo their bodies, apart from wearing a variety of bracelets. Khammam is the largest tribal populated district in Andhra Pradesh followed by Adilabad district. The river godavari flows 250 km long in this district entering from Warangal district.


Khammam District is endowed with Agro climatic and Soil conditions in which a wide range of Horticulture crops like Mango, Banana, Cashew, Coconut, Oilpalm, Cocoa, Pepper Areca nut etc., are grown. Production of various kinds of fruits, vegetables, flowers, establishing orchards and plantations production and distribution of fruit plants and vegetable seeds are the major activities supported by the Horticulture Department. The District has 845.83 km² of land under horticulture crops with a total production of 4,24,506 tonnes of horticulture produce.


;Major projects
*Nagarjunasagar Project ;Medium Projects
* Wyra
* Thaliperu
* Bayyaram
* Bathupally
* Lankasagar
* Mukamamidi
* Pedawagu
* Palair

Divisions in Khammam District

Administratively Khammam district is divided into 4 Revenue Divisions and 46 Mandals.

*Khammam (Urban)
*Khammam (Rural)


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