List of fictional airborne aircraft carriers

List of fictional airborne aircraft carriers

There are many fictional airborne aircraft carriers.

*In the video game "", the Federal Republic of Estovakia deploys a massive airborne carrier called the P-1112 "Aigaion". With a one-kilometer wingspan and 32 engines, the "Aigaion" can launch and recover mass amounts of aircraft, and is armed with the powerful Nimbus Missiles and several large cannons. Along with its smaller support craft - the P-1113 "Kottos" electronic warfare platform and the P-1114 "Gyges" airborne gunship - the "Aigaion" helps the Estovakians capture the Emmerian capital of Gracemeria. Due to its sheer size, the "Aigaion" requires six KC-10s to refuel it.
* "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" features airborne aircraft carriers in the form of Zeppelin type airships.
* "G.I. Joe" features the "Cobra Night Raven" and "Sky Raven", which is similar in configuration to the M-21 Blackbird and D-21 drone.
* "Crimson Skies" features Zeppelin type airships with biplane combat air patrol fighters.
* "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" features LZ-138, a Zeppelin carrying a biplane.
* The "Nick Fury"/"S.H.I.E.L.D." series of Marvel comic books feature flying aircraft carriers.
* Echelon, a futuristic flight simulator features several variants of airborne aircraft carriers.
* In "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons", Spectrum headquarters 'Cloudbase', is an airship continually hovering (or floating) 15 km above sea level. Looking like a mix between a very flat zeppelin and a flying saucer with rotors protruding from outriggers, the top of the craft is occupied by a runway from which Spectrum launches its own jet fighter squadron.
* In Namco's "Ace Combat 3", the "UI-4053 Sphyrna" is a modern Zeppelin like airborne aircraft carrier that houses all the aircraft of the terrorist faction Ouroboros.
* The "Banshee" is a class of futuristic airborne aircraft carriers used by the FAF in the anime "Sentou Yousei Yukikaze".
* In the Japanese Anime Kagaku ninja tai Gatchaman, and its US-version Battle of the Planets, the hero's craft, Phoenix, can store a jet fighter, and a flying rocket-tank. both can be launched and retrieved in flight. Although the Phoenix is actually a spaceship, it is built like a plane with wings and a tail assembly and during the shows spends most of its time flying through the air rather than traveling through space.
* In one of the Tom Swift novels (Tom Swift and His Flying Lab, 1954) Tom's father builds a giant 'flying laboratory' which he uses to scout the earth for Uranium deposits. The giant craft has a built-in hangar that houses a helicopter-launch as well as the new "Bolo fighter": a miniature jet fighter which the government has asked him to take along for testing. Although the book remains unclear whether the helicopter ever boards the flying laboratory in mid-air, it describes one occasion where the "Bolo fighter" is launched and subsequently retrieved while the laboratory is flying in the stratosphere
* An aircraft carrying a smaller one is featured as the main gadget in the Yoko Tsuno comic Message pour l'éternité (Message for Eternity). In order to scout a crater in the Russian-Afgan frontier region, the series writer Roger Leloup envisioned a U-2-like spyplane, carrying a little rocket-powered sailplane under its belly. Above the crater, the mother plane would release the sailplane that would then descend into the crater. A few days later, the sailplane would ascend from the crater using rocket power, rendezvous with the motherplane and reattach itself under it for the ride home.
* "Arcus Prima", "Arcus Niger", and "Messis" (airborne Simoun carriers) in "Simoun" anime television series.
* In the Disney animated series "TaleSpin", an airship named "Iron Vulture" serves as base for series villain Don Karnage and his air pirates.
* The toyline Ring Raiders features three flying aircraft carriers, one modelled on a flying-wing design, the other two are smaller saucer-shaped craft.
* In the "Doctor Who" episode "The Sound of Drums", UNIT is seen to possess an airborne aircraft carrier called the "Valiant"; it is used as neutral territory for first contact with an alien species, and later in "The Sontaran Stratagem" to attack an occupied factory.
* In the anime series "Cowboy Bebop", the main characters live and work from an old spaceship, named the Bebop, that has hanger space for at least three small aircraft (which each belong to three of the four main characters).
* The Mobile Suit Gundam anime saga contains many airborne (and spaceborne) aircraft carriers, such as the Pegasus class, Argama, and Ra Cailum.
* The CthulhuTech RPG has giant Battlecruisers, basically airborne battleships that also carry mecha or fighter squads.
* The anime series "Code Geass" contains a variety of anti gravity-equipped vessels used by both the Britannian and Japanese factions, the most notable ones being the "Avalon" and the "Ikaruga". Within the series, such vessels are used to transport mecha known as Knightmare Frames.

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