Puyo Puyo Fever 2

Puyo Puyo Fever 2

; nihongo|Raffine|ラフィーナ|RafīnaThe 2nd main character. She was the heroine of the HaraHara course in Puyo Puyo Fever. She faces a few of the same characters as before in her original quest. Her birthday is July 25th. ref|charpage

; nihongo|Sig|シグ|ShiguSig is a spacey boy. His left eye is red and his left hand is a large red claw. He is derived from the non-evil parts of a demon. He's the 3rd of three main characters, and is introduced in this game. His magic derives from Blue Magic, and has a connection with Insects. His attacks range from Cyan, Paraiba, Robin's Egg, Celestial and Hydrangea. He is a well balanced character, who is slightly weaker than Raffine outside of Fever. Along with Oshare Bones, Sig is the strongest character in fever. His birthday is June 16th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Accord|アコール先生|Akōru senseiTeacher at the magic school, She still carries Popoi around with her. Accord still uses some music terms such as "allegro" and "presto" for her attacks, with some of her more powerful ones being new "-lance" suffixed attacks. Any graphics involving musical notes have been replaced with Accord in front of a chalkboard. Her new "-lance" moves mostly involve her throwing a piece of chalk or Popoi, keeping the silly, slightly episodic overtones of the Fever world. Though Popoi played a role in the original Puyo Pop Fever, the matter about Popoi has largely been dropped, as Popoi does not pose a threat or is playable in this game. Accord's birthday is February 12thref|charpage, while Popoi's is February 22nd.

; nihongo|Akuma|あくま|Akuma|lit. DemonA Giant blue bear doll, whose head is a mask detached from his body. He has a tendency to shout 'Akuma'. His voice always seems to alternate between quiet and deep and shrill and shrieking, with no middle ground between the two. 'Kuma' is Japanese for 'bear'. His birthday is January 11th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Arle|アルル|AruruArle, the heroine of the original Puyo Pop games, is always seen with Carbuncle (Who appeared in Puyo Pop Fever 1 as a secret character). In some of Arle's attacks (such as Heaven Ray), Carbuncle is assisting in the animation. Arle received an in-fever & out of fever power boost as a modification to the game. Her birthday is July 22nd.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Baldanders|バルトアンデルス|BarutoanderusuBaldanders is a monsterous dog, summoned accidentally by Feli. He is friendly throughout the game. His drop set is the biggest in the game, consisting of 48 puyo, but he is also the weakest character in the game, both inside and outside of fever. His birthday is November 23rd.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Lemres|レムレス|RemuresuLemres is a Warlock and a senior in his school. His attacks are very well balanced, and his Japanese voice cast sounds similar to a fusion of Schezo Wegey from the original Puyo Pop series, and Fye D. Flowright from Tsubasa Chronicle. As a character trait, Lemres never opens his eyes. His birthday is August 25th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Dongurigaeru|どんぐりガエル|Dongurigaeru|lit. Acorn FrogThe lovable frog is back in action. Still as daunting as ever, with more of an ambition to try his best to win. His birthday is March 31st.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Feli|フェーリ|FēriFeli is a Dark Witch of the Kemetic and Chronomatic Wizardy era. She is seen as a Gothic Lolita girl. Very strong, her most notable attack is "Chrono Creator", an attack that is used to alter the time and space around the field. She idolizes Lemres, and is deeply in love with him as well. Feli's birthday is November 13th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Frankensteins|こづれフランケン|Kozure Furanken|lit. Frankenstein With His ChildFrankendad was a lonely robot and Frankenson was created by him as a companion. Both Frankendad and Frankenson form a unique team, and are part of the partnership group (along with Arle and Kaa-Kun, Accord and Popoi, and Yu and Rei). Frankendad's birthday is February 1st, while his son's is February 11th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Gogotte|ゴゴット|GogottoElfish person who forces his soup upon people. Commonly seen as female due to his clothing, but is voice acted male. His birthday is October 1st.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Hohow Bird|ほほうどり|Hohō-doriA pink, bespecled know-it-all bird whose favorite words are "HouHou..." ("Mm-HMM!" in the English translations), and various attacks, eg "Mm-HMM KICK!" and the powerful "Mm-HMM BEAM!". Hohow Bird retains his humor and has been known to be as strong as he has been in the previous game. Hohow Bird's birthday is December 5th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Klug|クルーク|KurūkuA know-it-all fellow student of Raffine, Sig and Amitie. He sees a threat in his magic studies and attempts to advance further. Outside of fever, Klug is just as powerful as he was in the prequel, and is the strongest character outside of fever. His birthday is September 29th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Onion Pixy|おにおん|OnionNoted for crying as Onion Pixy Girl falls in love with Sig. Onion Pixy is one of the basic characters to fight in this game. His birthday is September 29th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Oshare Bones|おしゃれコウベ|Oshare Kōbe|lit. Sharply-dressed SkullHe's a skeleton obsessed much about his and other's attires and fashion. Still as classy as ever, he now runs the item shop. In this game however, Oshare Bones, along with Sig, are the strongest characters in Fever (as opposed to Prince of Ocean in the prequel), and with his piece set, allows a skilled player almost limitless regards to Fever Extension and excessive chainbuilding in Fever mode. His birthday is December 24th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Prince of Ocean|さかな王子|Sakana Ōji|lit. Fish PrincePrince of Ocean returns, with little notable differences from his appearance in Puyo Pop Fever. His birthday is March 5th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Rider|リデル|RideruVery shy girl. She is now brave enough to try to greet Raffine. Her birthday is January 17th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Tarutaru|タルタル|TarutaruTarutaru is one of the stronger, midway opponents. He is in love with Raffine, and asks about her at most encounters. He has befriended Rider. His birthday is July 19th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Yu & Rei|ユウちゃん&レイくん|Yū-chan & Rei-kunIn the Puyo Pop Fever character description for Yu, it was said that Yu was trying to find her twin brother. When Raffine bumps into Yu, she starts to dance. Now, Yu does find her brother, Rei, who has blue hair instead of green. The two of them form a Japanese quiz show. Sig is the only one who clears all of their questions. They form one of the few unique partnerships in this game, and are quite effective in Fever mode. They share the birthday June 9th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Onion Pixy Girl|おに子|OnikoOnion Pixy Girl is one of the three guest characters in Puyo Puyo Fever 2. She falls in love with Sig and makes Onion Pixy cry. She serves a cameo role in the storyline department. Her birthday is April 29th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Butler|オトモ|OtomoButler is the second of the three guest cameo characters that informs you of things during the game. He seems to take a very strong liking to the Prince of Ocean as well as the Prince's human form, Prince Salde Canarl Shellbrick III, as he is, of course, the Prince's "butler", so to speak. His birthday is April 17th.ref|charpage

; nihongo|Prince Salde Canarl Shellbrick III|サアルデ・カナール・シェルブリック3世王子|Saarude Kanāru Sheruburikku San-sei ŌjiPrince "Sa"lde "Cana"rl Shellbrick III ("sakana" means fish in Japanese), is the last of the three guest cameo characters. He is the human form of The Prince of Ocean, and guides Sig through his final course. He is also the prince located at the end of Raffine's second course.

; nihongo|Strange Klug|あやしいクルーク|Ayashii KurūkuStrange Klug is the final boss in Puyo Puyo Fever 2. Strange Klug shares the same birthday as Sig, June 16thref|charpage.

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