Love, in Itself

Love, in Itself

Single infobox
Name = Love, in Itself

Artist = Depeche Mode
from Album = Construction Time Again
B-side = "Fools"
Released = September 19 1983
Format = Vinyl record (7" and 12"), CD (1991 boxed set)
Recorded = 1983
Genre = Synthpop
Length = 7" - 4:02
12" - 7:18
Label = Mute - BONG 4
Writer = Martin Gore
Producer = Depeche Mode, Daniel Miller, and Gareth Jones
Chart position =
* #21 (U.K.)
* #28 (Germany)
Reviews =
* allmusic [ link]
Last single = "Everything Counts"
This single = "Love, in Itself"
Next single = "People Are People"

"Love, in Itself" is Depeche Mode's ninth U.K. single (released on September 19 1983), and the final single from the album "Construction Time Again".

The "Love, in Itself" singles contain three mixes. "Love, in Itself.2" is the main single edit of the original album version (or "Love, in Itself.1") with a shorter intro and some different samples. "Love, in Itself.3" is the extended 12" mix, and "Love, in Itself.4" is an acoustic lounge version of the song. The B-side is "Fools," and "Fools (Bigger)" is the extended mix. "Fools" was written by Alan Wilder. It became a B-side because though the band liked the song, it didn't tie into "Construction Time Again"'s political outfit.

The video for "Love, in Itself" was directed by Clive Richardson.It is also featured Martin Gore playing guitar.

Track listings

7": Mute/Bong4 (UK)

# "Love, in Itself.2" – 4:00
# "Fools" – 4:14

12": Mute/12Bong4 (UK)

# "Love, in Itself.3" – 7:15
# "Fools (Bigger)" – 7:39
# "Love, in Itself.4" – 4:38

L12": Mute/L12Bong4 (UK)

# "Love In Itself.2" – 4:00
# "Just Can't Get Enough (Live)" – 5:35
# "A Photograph of You (Live)" – 3:21
# "Shout! (Live)" – 4:39
# "Photographic (Live)" – 3:56

Live tracks recorded 25 October 1982 at Hammersmith Odeon in London.

CD: Mute/CDBong4 (UK)

# "Love, in Itself.2" – 4:00
# "Fools" – 4:14
# "Love, in Itself.3" – 7:15
# "Fools (Bigger)" – 7:39
# "Love, in Itself.4" – 4:38

The CD single was released in 1991 as part of the singles box set compilations

"Everything Counts" and "A Photograph of You" are by Martin Gore, "Fools" is by Alan Wilder, and "Just Can't Get Enough", "Photographic", and "Shout!" are by Vince Clarke.


The second UK 12" release (L12Bong 4) was released in The Netherlands in early 1985. As it was sold for a higher price than usual for 12" singles, it was not eligible for the Dutch singles chart. Instead, it reached the lower end of the LP Top 50. However, the live recording of "Just Can't Get Enough" contained on it received so much airplay that the price of the 12" was lowered, making the 12" finally eligible for the singles Top 40. The 12" became a top ten hit, not under its official title but as 'Just Can't Get Enough'. The original studio recording had never reached any Dutch chart.

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